Texaco Fire Chief Trophy

SP78 - Texaco Fire Chief Trophy

The Fire Chief Trophy, sponsored by Texaco, is awarded to the relief pitcher in both the NL and AL with the most wins and/or saves and the least number of losses for the month. Like the Rolaids Relief Man Award, winners are chosen based on performance: a save is worth three points, a win is two points, and a loss is negative two points. A pitcher must have no starts to be considered for the award.

April – National League
Kent Tekulve, Pittsburgh Pirates
1-0, 4 saves

April – American League
Mike Marshall, Minnesota Twins
3-0, 3 saves

May – National League
Ron Reed, Philadelphia Phillies
0-0, 5 saves

May – American League
Bob Lacey, Oakland A’s
0-0, 6 saves

June – National League
Kent Tekulve, Pittsburgh Pirates
0-0, 8 saves

June – American League
Reggie Cleveland, Texas Rangers
1-0, 5 saves

July – National League
Doug Bair, Cincinnati Reds
1-0, 9 saves

July – American League
Don Stanhouse, Baltimore Orioles
4-0, 5 saves

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