The Cornfield

The Cornfield

A year-by-year memorial to the 122 ballplayers from my SP78 Replay season who have passed away since 1978, and like the old-time players from the movie Field of Dreams, went into the cornfield once they made life’s final out.

Don Sutton, pitcher, Dodgers (January 18)
Mike Sadek, catcher, Giants (January 20)

Ted Cox, outfielder, Indians (March 11)
Ed Farmer, pitcher, Brewers (April 1)
Damaso Garcia, second baseman, Yankees (April 15)
Matt Keough, pitcher, A’s (May 1)
Bob Watson, first baseman, Astros (May 14)
Biff Pocoroba, catcher, Braves (May 24)
Claudell Washington, outfielder, White Sox (June 10)
Adrian Devine, pitcher, Braves (June 27)
Tom Seaver, pitcher, Reds (August 31)
Lou Brock, outfielder, Cardinals (September 6)
Jay Johnstone, outfielder, Phillies (September 26)
Joe Morgan, second baseman, Reds (October 11)
Hal Dues, pitcher, Expos (October 20)
Roger Moret, pitcher, Rangers (December 7)
Phil Niekro, pitcher, Braves (December 26)

Tom Hausman, pitcher, Mets (January 16)
Leroy Stanton, designated hitter, Mariners (March 13)
Mike Colbern, catcher, White Sox (March 21)
Scott Sanderson, pitcher, Expos (April 11)
Bill Buckner, first baseman, Cubs (May 27)
Jim Bouton, pitcher, Braves (July 10)
Andy Etchebarren, catcher, Brewers (October 5)
Ron Fairly, first baseman, Angels (October 30)
Andy Hassler, pitcher, Red Sox (December 25)

Rob Picciolo, infielder, A’s (January 3)
Bob Bailey, designated hitter, Red Sox (January 9)
Oscar Gamble, outfielder, Padres (January 31)
Sammy Stewart, pitcher, Orioles (March 2)
Rusty Staub, designated hitter, Tigers (March 29)
Bruce Kison, pitcher, Pirates (June 2)
Myron White, outfielder, Dodgers (August 4)
Marty Pattin, pitcher, Royals (October 3)
Willie McCovey, first baseman, Giants (October 31)

Lee May, designated hitter, Orioles (July 29)
Don Baylor, designated hitter, Angels (August 7)

Lance Rautzhan, pitcher, Dodgers (January 9)
Paul Dade, outfielder, Indians (August 25)

Charlie Williams, pitcher, Giants (January 27)
Dave Bergman, outfielder, Astros (February 2)
Gary Woods, outfielder, Blue Jays (February 19)
Andy Mora, outfielder, Orioles (June 12)
Joaquin Andujar, pitcher, Astros (September 8)
Garry Hancock, outfielder, Red Sox (October 10)
Kerry Dineen, outfielder, Phillies (November 21)

Tim Hosley, catcher, A’s (January 21)
Jim Fregosi, third baseman, Pirates (February 14)
Mike Gordon, catcher, Cubs (May 26)
Bob Welch, pitcher, Dodgers (June 9)
Bobby Castillo, pitcher, Dodgers (June 30)
Tom Veryzer, shortstop, Indians (July 8)
Allen Ripley, pitcher, Red Sox (November 7)

Enzo Hernandez, shortstop, Dodgers (January 13)
Rick Camp, pitcher, Braves (April 25)
George Scott, first baseman, Red Sox (July 28)
Ed Herrmann, catcher, Expos (December 22)
Paul Blair, outfielder, Yankees (December 26)

Gary Carter, catcher, Expos (February 16)
Jim Obradovich, first baseman, Astros (March 3)
Andy Replogle, pitcher, Brewers (April 10)
Pedro Borbon, pitcher, Reds (June 4)
Bob Myrick, pitcher, Mets (August 23)
Champ Summers, outfielder, Reds (October 11)
Dave May, outfielder, Brewers (October 20)

Woodie Fryman, pitcher, Expos (February 4)
Mitchell Page, outfielder, A’s (March 12)
Bobby Thompson, outfielder, Rangers (April 25)
Paul Splittorff, pitcher, Royals (May 25)
Mike Flanagan, pitcher, Orioles (August 24)
Jesse Jefferson, pitcher, Blue Jays (September 8)
Bob Forsch, pitcher, Cardinals (November 3)
Randy Stein, pitcher, Brewers (December 12)

Jim Bibby, pitcher, Pirates (February 16)
Joe Gates, second baseman, White Sox (March 28)
Keith Drumright, second baseman, Astros (August 7)
Wayne Twitchell, pitcher, Phillies (September 16)
Tom Underwood, pitcher, Blue Jays (November 22)

Dave Roberts, pitcher, Cubs  (January 9)
Ed Rodriguez, pitcher, Brewers (March 6)
Mark Fidrych, pitcher, Tigers (April 13)

Steve Mingori, pitcher, Royals (July 10)
Bobby Murcer, outfielder, Cubs (July 12)
Dock Ellis, pitcher, Rangers (December 19)

Vern Ruhle, pitcher, Astros (January 20)
Bill Robinson, outfielder, Pirates (July 29)

Paul Lindblad, pitcher, Yankees (January 1)
Craig Kusick, outfielder, Twins (September 27)
Joe Niekro, pitcher, Astros (October 27)

Nelson Briles, pitcher, Rangers (February 13)
Pat Kelly, outfielder, Orioles (October 2)
Elrod Hendricks, catcher, Orioles (December 21)

Taylor Duncan, infielder, A’s (January 3)
Tug McGraw, pitcher, Phillies (January 5)
Victor Cruz, pitcher, Blue Jays (September 26)
Doug Ault, first baseman, Blue Jays (December 22)
Johnny Oates, catcher, Dodgers (December 24)

Bob Kammeyer, pitcher, Yankees (January 27)
Bobby Bonds, outfielder, Rangers (August 23)
Ken Brett, pitcher, Angels (November 18)

Jim Spencer, first baseman, Yankees (February 10)
Al Cowens, outfielder, Royals (March 11)
Darrell Porter, catcher, Royals (August 5)

Willie Stargell, first baseman, Pirates (April 9)

John Milner, outfielder, Pirates (January 4)
Aurelio Rodriguez, third baseman, Tigers (September 23)

Catfish Hunter, pitcher, Yankees (September 9)

Tom Buskey, pitcher,  Blue Jays (June 7)
Mark Belanger, shortstop, Orioles (October 6)


Roger Freed, first baseman, Cardinals (January 9)

Glenn Burke, outfielder, A’s (May 30)



Aurelio Lopez, pitcher, Cardinals (September 22)


Tony Solaita, designated hitter, Angels (February 10)
Larry Cox, catcher, Cubs (February 17)
Bo Diaz, catcher, Indians (November 23)

Donnie Moore, pitcher, Cubs (July 18)


Nino Espinosa, pitcher, Mets (December 24)

Eddie Solomon, pitcher, Braves (January 12)


Lynn McGlothen, pitcher, Cubs (August 14)


Francisco Barrios, pitcher, White Sox (April 9)



Thurman Munson, catcher, Yankees (August 2)

Lyman Bostock, outfielder, Angels (September 23)


94 responses to “The Cornfield

  1. Have you considered what to do with Mr. Bostock when September 23 comes around? I think we’ve probably discussed it before but I’m old and I don’t ‘member so good anymore.

  2. Yes, I have considered, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever told you either, so I guess we’re both mentally classic. My plan was simple: if he played in the actual September 23rd game between the Angels and White Sox, I’d bench him in the SP78 game. If he didn’t play in real life, he’d start in SP78. After checking a few sources, I found out he did play on the 23rd, and was killed later that night. So, I’ll be benching him for that contest…just my own attempt at altering his future a bit. Kind of like when a bolt of lightning strikes a clock tower…

  3. ENID, Okla, Oct 11, 2012 — He got his nickname from his U.S. Naval prizefighting dad on the day he was born. “Dad took one look at me when I was born and said, ‘He looks like he just went 10 rounds with Joe Louis.’” From that day forward, John Junior Summers would forever be known simply as Champ. Summers, who died Thursday at the age of 66 following a 2½ year battle with kidney cancer, never became a superstar, but had his moments.

  4. Hey Steve, thanks for the update and the eulogy for Champ Summers. I hadn’t heard the news…just a few days ago I’d checked my source for baseball players who have passed away, but I guess Champ hadn’t made their list yet. I’ll always picture him as a young, square-jawed Reds player on a Topps card…it’s hard for me to believe that he was 66!

  5. Who could forget the sound of “Leading off . . . . for the Padres . . . .numberelevenEnzo HerNANdez” booming over the P.A.? Too sad.

  6. I will never forget that P.A. announcement…one of the many fun things I remember of ’70s Padres baseball from San Diego Stadium! I just wish my SP78 season had him playing for the Padres, and not the Dodgers. Perhaps if I engineered my first-ever SP78 trade…

    And yes, sad. They’re all starting to disappear from us, aren’t they?

  7. “The Man” and the “Little General” in the same day! You would think I’ve embarked on my mission to clear out the hall for future members, but I wouldn’t have cleared out either of these guys. A sad day for old time baseball.

  8. Okay, I know that ‘The Man’ is Stan Musial, and I didn’t know he’d passed away until now, and that is indeed sad…but the ‘Little General’ is a nickname for Johnny Bench, and you’ve just scared the shit out of me…I can’t find anything that says he died! Did you mean someone else? I found a ‘Little General’ in the NBA, but he’s still alive, too! Help, for chrissake!

  9. Good lord! It took me over a half hour, but I finally figured it out: Earl Weaver, ‘The Little Genius’, passed away today as well. Sad, yes, but as far as I know, Johnny Bench is still freaking alive! I’ll just head into the bathroom now, clean myself up, and put on a new pair of undershorts…

  10. OK – I screwed that up. You are correct, I meant the “little genius”. Sorry for the fire drill. Long live Johnny!

  11. Sadly, 2013 now has its second member of the cornfield, Braves’ pitcher Rick Camp.

    • It’s funny (but sad, of course) when I get an e-mail from you, and it’s a comment for the Cornfield…I instantly know that SP78 has lost another one. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the notification…but it’s like if you have a son in the war, and a government vehicle pulls up to the curb in front of your house: you know exactly what you’re about to find out.

      Goodbye, Mr. Camp. Currently 3-1 in SP78 Replay.

  12. Sadly add Mr. George Scott of the Boston Red Sox to the cornfield list as of July 28, 2013.

    • Goodbye, Boomer. Strangely enough, I’m working on a eulogy of sorts right now for the Jays-M’s recap I’m typing up, for Toronto first baseman Doug Ault, who had a great night at the plate in this past weekend’s game. Thanks for the update, Steve.

  13. Please add catcher Ed Herrmann of the Expos to the list. He passed away yesterday in Poway from prostate cancer.

    • I remember seeing Ed in Poway or RB years ago, and recognizing him from his baseball cards. This was sometime during his post-playing days. Sad to see him go. Heck, it’s sad to see ANY of them go.

  14. 2nd SP78er in a week, and one of my personal favorites. Very sad to add Mr. Paul Blair to the cornfield.

    • Very sad indeed. Currently he’s on the SP78 60-day disabled list, so it’ll be quite some time before I’m able to honor him with a start. No passings since July, and suddenly two in one week…what gives?

  15. Not a SP78 player, but announcer (and future manager) Jerry Coleman passed away yesterday. One of only 2 statues at Petco Park, along with Tony Gwynn.

    • Yeah, kinda sad…I listened to a lot of Padres games on KOGO and KFMB way back when, and Jerry was always there calling the action. And I seem to remember meeting him in our press box once during a game, but I think there might’ve been some activity on the field at the time, so my memory of that moment is a little hazy.

  16. See if this refreshes your memory . . . We were in the Padres’ sky box for a May game in 1989, and it was during the Pistons-Lakers NBA Finals, which were on the box TV while we were there during pre-game BP. He introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Jerry Coleman” which only seems odd because it was obvious who he was – otherwise, it’s how most people introduce themselves. He asked us to keep him posted on the score of the (NBA) game, but never told us how we should reach him. The other memory I have is of the cameraman in the booth next to me knocking on the window and pointing at the Jumbotron to show me that he had me on the screen, shoving chicken in my face. My shining moment, spent with a cheek full of free stadium chicken.

    • Oh trust me, my memory was already freshed for most of that whole scenario…but I don’t remember the part about Mr. Coleman asking about the NBA game, and wanting to be updated. Maybe we were supposed to walk over to the broadcast booth like we owned the place and interrupt his call with some hoops highlights. “Oh doctor, excuse me folks, those two cool guys I met over in T31 have some valuable info for me LONG DRIVE TO DEEP LEFT, DANIELS GOES BACK, BACK and the Pistons lead the Lakers by 17 at the half!”

  17. He only played in 13 games in ’78, and he has no April SP78 stats, but Tim Hosley of the A’s is the first SP78 passing of 2014.

    • Sad news about Mr. Hosley…I created a minor league card for him a few years back, so at some point this season he’ll get the call-up to the parent club and will see some action behind the plate. Avalon Hill showed that he played just six games at catcher in ’78, so maybe he pinch-hit in those other seven games.

  18. Jim Fregosi, whose last year was 1978, passed away on Friday morning. He was my favorite early-70’s Angel player, up until he was traded to the Mets for Nolan Ryan. I don’t remember him as a Pirate much, but that’s where he finished in the early months of 1978. He was managing the Angels by the end of the season, so he was traded for Ryan, then managed him in the same season, but it appears he’ll have quite the task if he tries to get the SP78 Angels to the playoffs by season’s end.

    • Thanks for the info…Jim Fregosi didn’t have a real Statis Pro card, but he has a homemade one, so he’s currently in the minor league system for the Pirates. I’ve always wanted to bring him up, so maybe I’ll get him ready for an August promotion. And all I remember about Fregosi were his Topps cards…I can picture the one from 1976, with a big blue sky behind him. I liked him as a manager for the Angels, too.

    • Back in the summer of 1979, when my friend Bob and I were driving with his parents somewhere in Rancho Bernardo, we heard on the radio that a major league catcher had died…no other information was offered beyond that. Bob’s favorite player was Carlton Fisk, and of course mine was Johnny Bench, so we were both stricken with fear that one of the two had passed away. It wasn’t until we watched the news that night on TV that we discovered the catcher in question was Yankees star Thurman Munson.

      I mention this because I get the same empty feeling now that I did then when I get a notice on the SP78 site that you’ve commented on the ‘Into the Cornfield’ page, telling me that a player from my SP78 season has taken a seat in the celestial dugout. And I don’t say this because I want you to stop telling me…it’s just a strange feeling to know that we’ve lost a player, and for a few moments I have no idea who it is: a star, a routine player, or perhaps a nobody who’s made it big in the SP78 season. And speaking of which, another one has passed that I think we both missed: Mike Gordon, a catcher who played four games for the Cubs in 1978, died on May 26th.

  19. I actually saw Mike Gordon and realized that he had been a bit player in ’77 and ’78; then I checked the stats page and he had not seen action in April – I guess I should have checked my June stat guide also. My apologies for not mentioning Mike Gordon – to the commissioner and to the Gordon family. I was unaware that he was in the SP78 game.

    • I appreciate the apology, but don’t sweat it! He’s a player with a created card, and has been with the Wichita Aeros all season, so there’s no way you could’ve known he was part of the SP78 universe. He almost got the call-up to the Cubs when Dave Rader was injured recently, but I chose to bring Tim Blackwell back instead. But I promise you Mike will see some action before the season is out.

  20. Dodger pitcher Bobby Castillo passed away yesterday in Los Angeles.

    • At the end of July in SP78, Castillo was 3-2 with two saves in 22 games pitched, all in relief, with an ERA of 3.04. I’ll see if I can get him into the August 1st game against the Padres.

  21. Indians infielder Tom Veryzer is the next SP78er gone too soon.

    • As always, I click to read your comment with trepidation, and this one saddened me. I know, they’re all supposed to, but some do more than others. I remember Veryzer not only from Topps cards from the ’70s, but from listening to Tigers and Indians games during my summer trips to Ohio to visit my grandparents. It seems like a long time ago.

  22. Not sure if he has joined the Bosox in SP78, but pitcher Allen Ripley has entered the cornfield.

    • Weird…I checked the Baseball Almanac RIP list yesterday. Yeah, Ripley’s on the Bosox right now, after being called up on July 4th. So far this season, Ripley is 1-1 with no saves and a 4.30 ERA. To honor him, I’ll start him August 3rd against the Yankees. Thanks for letting me know.

  23. OK, so maybe the Cornfield wasn’t intended for people who participated in exhibition games, but given that yesterday featured the ’62 Giants, I thought I’d mention that ’62 Giants hurler (and ’61 All Star Game winner) Stu Miller passed away.

    • I’ll always remember him as having that pained look on his face when he was featured on the ’84 All-Star Game ‘Croix de Candlestick’ button. Which I once owned, but don’t know if I still do. Goodbye, Stu.

  24. Giants’ reliever Charlie Williams has also gone in search of the corn.

  25. 2015’s crop has it’s second farmer, Astros utility player Dave Bergman, who passed away Monday.

  26. I see I missed Andy Mora, Mexican Hall of Famer, who recently passed from pnuemonia.

    • Sorry about that…I was going to mention it in the e-mail I sent to you this morning, but failed to do so. I think I was just excited that I beat you to a Cornfield discovery for once.

  27. Red Sox and Pawsox utility man Garry Hancock passed away on October 10.

    • Thanks…I’d checked Baseball Almanac at some point after October 10th, and he wasn’t listed on their ‘deaths in 2015’ page yet. And funny that I was ready to correct your spelling of ‘Garry’, since Avalon Hill had his player card printed as ‘Gary’ Hancock. Once again, Avalon Hill, I thank you for the foul-up.

  28. Indians OF Paul Dade, Aug 25, 2016 . . .RIP

    • That one took a while to hit the newsstands; I wonder how many others I’ve missed because they were posted three weeks after the fact. Dade was my starting left fielder for the Indians until he went out with an injury on July 6th, and was placed on the 45-day DL…he’s not set to return ’til August 21. It’s weird to think he’s been out since 2003…before I even moved to Arizona!

  29. Nobody passing on yet two months into 2017?

    • Nobody yet, which is not only a bit surprising these days, but also a good thing. There were only two in 2016, and the last was in August, so it’s nice to have a dry spell; let’s hope it continues.

  30. Rough week for the Cornfield, but please add MVP-candidate Don Baylor.

  31. The first Cornfield addition of 2018 hits on the 3rd day – Oakland A’s role player (and future Padre coach) Rob Picciolo.

    • Damn, we hadn’t had one enter the corn for several months now. He has a pretty decent player card for the SP78 A’s…I like playing him when I can. And I didn’t know he was a Padres coach at one time, either.

  32. Umpire Doug Harvey has unfortunately joined the Cornfield as well.

  33. So long, Oscar Gamble, Padre outfielder, who sadly moves into the cornfield.

    • Thanks for the update…he passed away on my birthday, the first SP78 player to do that. I didn’t realize he only played one season with the Padres…and his longest stint with a team was with the Yankees towards the end of his career, which I wouldn’t have expected, either. And I had to check, but I was right: he’s the first Padres player from ’78 to enter the cornfield.

  34. Rusty Staub! (And I missed Sammy Stewart until after you had it posted).
    Kinda bummed about Staub . . . and all of them, I guess. RIP

    • You and Brent both notified me about Rusty…hadn’t heard until now. I really like him in my season…he’s doing well for the Tigers, hitting over .300 with 130+ hits. He played 162 games at DH in ’78, and he’ll do the same in SP78.

  35. The sixth SP78’er of 2018 entered the cornfield when Pirate Bruce Kison moved on. You’ve been way ahead of me on these this year – too bad so many have been added.

    • Yeah, I think I caught this one just a few hours after it made the news. For the past few years, the passings were few and far between it seemed, but now, like you said, too many have been added of late.

  36. And you’re ahead of me with Marty Pattin as well.

    • I’ve been beating you to the punch with these of late, but I think that’s because you’ve been on the road much more than I have. It’ll all even out once I get a car. (Sometime in 2027)

  37. In the early 70’s, I was a Dodger fan, and the Giants were the enemy in the NL West. My favorite non-Dodger, though, outside of Lou Brock, was easily Willie McCovey, and when he came to the Padres, quickly became my favorite Padre. I distinctly remember a McCovey HR to DEEP right at San Diego Stadium (that’s right, no sponsorship), that happened on the first AB that I saw that game (we arrived late). I’d love to figure out the date of that blast. For me, Willie Mays was a great player slightly past his prime and McCovey was a force to be reckoned with. RIP Stretch.

    • For me, McCovey and Dave Winfield were the two big-name superstar Padres of the mid-1970s (sorry, Enzo Hernandez!); looking back, I didn’t realize that McCovey only played a few years with SD…just over two seasons. And I can’t believe the Padres just gave him up to the A’s for cash…I guess they wanted Mike Ivie to take over at first. I remember being glad that he eventually went back to the Giants to finish out his career.

      It would take some work, but I bet you could go to Baseball Reference and track down the game where you saw his blast…I did the same thing with a George Foster HR hit in the first inning of a 1977 game at San Diego Stadium, as I was walking across the parking lot towards the gates (we’d arrived late because my Dad had lost track of time while we were having dinner, at a Denny’s on Friars Road).

  38. Leroy Stanton of the Mariners has entered the cornfield.

    • Thanks for letting me know…I first heard about Leroy in my 1978 Mariners program that I’d sent away for after the season had ended. By the time I arrived in Seattle in late-’78, and saw my first Mariners game at the Kingdome that spring, he was already playing in Japan.

  39. Already on the Bill Buckner story! . . . I’ll always think of him as a Dodger, but he’s a Cub in ’78. I don’t think about the Red Sox’ stuff at all. He was always a tough out and hardly ever struck out. I think of him more as an outfielder than a 1B, too. RIP Billy!

    • We lost BB today, and Bart Starr yesterday…not a good week for sports heroes. I think of Buckner as a Cub, obviously because of SP78, but when I think of him on a baseball card, I think of him as a Dodger and his mid-’70s Topps cards. And I don’t remember him at all on the Angels or Royals!

  40. Andy Etchebarren, Milwaukee Brewers . . . RIP

    • Hadn’t heard that yet…poor Andy. I remember him more as an Angel than a Brewer…that 1976 Topps card always comes to mind. In my game right now he’s still on the 75-day disabled list, and isn’t due to return until September 6th. When he does come back, I’ll keep him up with the Brewers, since their roster will have expanded to 40 players by then.

  41. Ron Fairly – retired in 1978. I knew him mostly as a Dodger and Expo. Passed away on the day the Expos won their first World Series!

    • He played with the Angels for just one year, in 1978, and that’s how I remember him, even without his Statis Pro career. I didn’t know he’d been a Mariners broadcaster for so long, either.

      And how’s this for sad: I was out for pizza last night and only knew the World Series was going on – and was having a seventh game, no less – because the server happened to mention it. And I actually thought the Expos had won it, and thought ‘how cool!’, until moments later I realized, oh wait…

  42. Damaso Garcia – listed in the Cornfield but not in the Yankees stats! What am I missing?

  43. Geez! Five e-mails from you yesterday. I’m supposed to read them ALL? OK . . . {slinks away sheepishly}

  44. Astro great from when they were an NL club Bob Watson . . . RIP

    • Thanks for letting me know…I’ll always remember him from the newspaper headline I read back in 1975, ‘WATSON SCORES ONE MILLIONTH’.

  45. Coming out of the worst on-deck circle in the world, up to the Cornfield plate, Biff Pocoroba . . . RIP

    • Bye, Biff…one of the cooler names in baseball history, and part of a cool – and funny – SP78 story. When I was working at Pomerado, and sitting with Preston Gomez and Dave Garcia filling out SP78 All-Star ballots, Preston saw Pocoroba’s name on the ballot and asked me about him…and didn’t believe the guy existed! He’d never heard of Biff Pocoroba, and said there was no way a guy with that name had ever played major league baseball!

  46. Adrian Devine, in SP78 a 1-5 pitcher with a .308 batting average . . . maybe you could sub him for the light-hitting Jerry Royster? RIP, Adrian!

    • Well, if Adrian can field a grounder, and show some semblance of turning a DP, then maybe we should consider it, when the Braves take on the Pirates during the Cincy trip on August 22nd! Of course, if we DO put Devine at 2B, I’d have to give him an error rating of at least a 7.

      Wait, scratch that…Adrian’s currently cooling his heels down in AAA Richmond. Never mind.

  47. It’s possible you missed Expos’ hurler Hal Dues, who passed into the cornfield in October.

    • No, I missed him, and I’m wondering if it wasn’t reported until recently…every day I check a couple of sources to look for players who might’ve passed away, and I usually look back five days, just in case. How did you find out? Anyway, Hal’s one of the best pitchers on the Expos right now: 7-2, three saves, and a 1.99 ERA.

      • I don’t check as regularly, but I looked back for ’78 players and saw him. I do believe that it’s only been recently reported, because this is the first time that I’ve seen it also.

      • Okay, that makes sense then…Baseball Almanac lists deceased players with their range of years played, and I go back several players when I check with them, and saw nothing about Hal. And did you see I did some editing to your initial comment? August!

      • Yes. I’m an idiot, apparently! Thanks!

      • No, not an idiot…you just mixed up our fun and memorable Cincinnati trip with our ill-begotten and utterly forgettable World Series trip to Tampa.

  48. 1978 Texas Ranger Roger Moret also passed away (along with Dick Allen). He pitched in 7 games, but it appears that he doesn’t have SP78 stats, so maybe he’s on IR in your world.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I got your Dick Allen e-mail, then saw your Cornfield message and wondered why you’d mention Allen again…then saw it was for Moret. And he’s not on the IR, but in AAA, waiting for his September call-up. In reality, his last game in was June 16, 1978…he went 0-1 with one save before disappearing for the remainder of the season.

  49. Adding Dodgers hurler Don Sutton to the Cornfield for the first of 2021.

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