Innings pitched, game
NL: 10, Blue, SF (Apr 26); PNiekro, Atl (Apr 26)
AL: 14.2, Gale, KC (Apr 12)

Hits allowed, game
NL: 17, Hooton, LA (Apr 11, 7.2 innings)
AL: 15, Kravec, Chi (Apr 30, 8.0 innings); Jefferson, Tor (May 14, 9.0 innings); Splittorff, KC (Jun 19, 9.0 innings)

Runs allowed, game
NL: 9, Koosman, NY (Apr 30, 2.0 innings); PNiekro, Atl (May 6, 4.1 innings); Lemongello, Hou (Aug 13, 2.2 innings)
AL: 10, Stone, Chi (Aug 1, 1.1 innings, 1 run unearned)

Unearned runs allowed, game
NL: 5, Kaat, Pha (May 9)
AL: 5, Broberg, Oak (Apr 30); Gullett, NY (May 21, 1st game); Pole, Sea (Aug 12)

Unearned runs allowed, team, game
NL: 6, Atlanta (vs San Francisco, Jun 30, 2nd game)
AL: 6, New York ( vs Toronto, May 21, 1st game)

Home runs allowed, game
NL: 4, Blyleven, Pit (Apr 21); PNiekro, Atl (May 6); DRobinson, Pit (Jun 2)
AL: 4, Clancy, Tor (Jun 27, 1st game)

Walks allowed, game
NL: 9, Boggs, Atl (May 1, 5.2 innings)
AL: 9, Gale, KC (Apr 12, 14.2 innings); Freisleben, Cle (Jun 15, 6.1 innings)

Intentional walks allowed, game
NL: 2, DSutton, LA (May 4, consecutive); Schultz, StL (May 6); Garber, Atl (May 13); Candelaria, Pit (May 14); Bruno, StL (May 16)
AL: 2, Jenkins, Tex (Apr 9); Pole, Sea (Apr 12); Gale, KC (Apr 12, 14.2 innings); Clancy, Tor (Apr 28, consecutive); Romo, Sea (May 3);
AL: 2, Castro, Mil (May 12,  consecutive); Young, Det (May 19); McGilberry, KC (Jun 16)

Strikeouts, game
NL: 13, Christenson, Pha (Jun 5)
AL: 14, Gale, KC (Apr 12, 14.2 innings)
AL: 13, Ryan, Cal (May 7)

Wild pitches, game
NL: 2, by many pitchers
AL: 2, by many pitchers

Batter hit by pitch, game
NL: 3, Lemongello, Hou (May 7)
AL: 3, Wood, Chi (Jun 4); Broberg, Oak (Jun 10); Torrez, Bos (Jul 8, 1st game); Clyde, Cle (Jul 25)

Balks, game
NL: 2, Carlton, Pha (Apr 12); PNiekro, Atl (Jun 10); FBannister, Hou (Jul 22)
AL: 2, Tanana, Cal (May 23)

14 responses to “Pitching

  1. What do Bumpus Jones, Noodles Hahn, Hod Eller and Homer Bailey all have in common?

  2. They’re all nicknamed after the types of pitches they threw? They all died in 1978? Their last names represent, respectively, an action hero played by Harrison Ford, a brand of hot dog, a 1970s Vikings defenseman, and our favorite Astros catcher?

    • I just realized that Hahn’s is not a brand of lunch meat…Kahn’s, the Cincinnati hot dog found at Riverfront Stadium, was what I was thinking of! Sorry about that! What I should’ve said above was not ‘a brand of hot dog’ but instead ‘a former sexy church secretary who got herself in a lot of trouble and then posed for Playboy’…

  3. Somewhere tonight, a guy in his mid 30’s is trying to avenge a quarter century of bitterness by convincing a wide-eyed child that Homer is indeed the son of a former Astros’ catcher named Mark. Smart money says the kid aint buyin’.

  4. If I’m deciphering your second comment correctly, you’re referring to our 1986 or 1987 visit to a baseball card show, and the little kid who was convinced to buy a crapload of Mark Bailey cards, with the promise they’d be worth millions someday. Or do I have the wrong player?

  5. You are right on, Mr. Commissioner.

  6. Yes! But am I ‘right on’ about the four guys with the goofball nicknames?

  7. All pitched no-hitters for the Reds.

  8. Actually, I think I was MORE right with my answers. Or maybe Vander Meer, Vander Meer, Maloney, and Seaver are way more better answers. And no, I had no idea a Reds pitcher threw a no-hitter last night, until I did a search for ‘Reds no-hitters’ just now. Sad that I didn’t know that…but I can tell you who’ve thrown no-hitters in my SP78 season. Can YOU, Other Mr. Commissioner?

  9. I believe that would be Mike Caldwell and Dick Ruthven, no?

  10. If by ‘no’ you mean the French ‘yes’, then…no, you are correct! Dick Ruthven and Mike Caldwell pitched hitless beauties on back-to-back days in 2002 and 2003! Well done, sir…you’ve just earned yourself a season pass to all SP78 games, and a life-size cardboard stand-up of Sixto Lezcano wearing his ‘bedtime’ uniform…

  11. And yes, ‘stand-up’ counts as two jokes…

  12. Depending on which reality that you frequent, the “back to back days in 2002 and 2003” must’ve been New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

  13. A smart guess, but no! Remember, this is Statis Pro reality, so ‘back-to-back days’ in this universe represents SP78 game days; in this instance, the days were July 3rd and July 4th of 1978, and in ‘real time’ the no-hitters were actually thrown over ten months apart in 2002 and 2003. Strangely enough, you still nailed the date of Caldwell’s no-hit gem: January 1, 2003.

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