Game Sites

Site Games Rank Location Type Host Last Game
AZ1 57 9th 1586 W. Maggio Way #2057, Chandler, Arizona Apartment Bonnie F 09/12/88
AZ2 1 70th 4051 E. Campbell Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona Condo Mary P 03/18/88
AZ3 72 7th 1133 W. Baseline Road #372, Tempe, Arizona Apartment Todd B 09/19/89
AZ4 1 71st 111 Butterfield Road, Prescott, Arizona House Kendis J 06/27/89
AZ5 13 25th 1645 W. Baseline Road #1061, Mesa, Arizona Apartment Bonnie F 08/21/02
AZ6 1 82nd Courtyard Marriott, 1221 S. Westwood, Mesa, Arizona Hotel/Motel 11/24/94
AZ7 2 55th 8211 E. Garfield Avenue #J216, Scottsdale, Arizona Apartment Julie D 03/24/97
AZ8 218 1st 15740 N. 83rd Avenue #2087, Peoria, Arizona Apartment Todd B 01/10/14
AZ9 5 33rd 42424 W. Gavilan Peak Parkway #10-206, Anthem, Arizona Condo Laura T 03/31/07
AZ10 2 58th 10960 E. Monte Avenue #174, Mesa, Arizona Condo Burt B 01/29/12
AZ11 1 94th Arizona State University, Hayden Library, 300 Orange Mall, Tempe, Arizona College 11/18/12
AZ12 2 59th Comfort Suites, 8473 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, Arizona Hotel/Motel 02/01/13
AZ13 1 95th Hampton Inn, 2910 N. Glassford Hill Road, Prescott Valley, Arizona Hotel/Motel 03/20/13
AZ14 44 11th 3004 S. Market Street #3077, Gilbert, Arizona Apartment Todd B 12/31/14
AZ15 53 10th 15740 N. 83rd Avenue #1111, Peoria, Arizona Apartment Todd B 12/16/15
AZ16 1 96th 17477 W. Redwood Lane, Goodyear, Arizona Condo Brent P 06/06/15
AZ17 1 103rd Deer Valley Medical Center, 19829 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona Hospital 12/04/15
AZ18 158 3rd Current residence in Peoria, Arizona Apartment Todd B 04/04/22
AZ19 1 104th Current residence in Goodyear, Arizona House Brent P 05/14/16
AZ20 2 61st Current residence in Marana, Arizona House Steve P 09/02/18
AZ21 17 23rd Current residence in Oro Valley, Arizona House Julie D 03/08/22
AZ22 2 63rd Comfort Inn, 5511 W. Bell Road, Glendale Arizona Hotel/Motel 02/13/21
AZ23 1 108th Residence Inn, 7350 N. Zanjero Blvd, Glendale Arizona Hotel/Motel 05/08/21
AZ24 1 109th Comfort Suites, 9824 W. Camelback Road, Glendale Arizona Hotel/Motel 09/04/21
AZ25 2 64th Holiday Inn, 11075 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, Arizona Hotel/Motel Steve P 12/11/21
CA1 1 67th Palomar College, Main Library, San Marcos, California College 10/02/85
CA2 1 69th All-Star Inn, 1240 Camden Avenue, Campbell, California Hotel/Motel 07/15/87
CA3 1 74th Motel 6, 2920 W. Chapman Avenue, Orange, California Hotel/Motel 08/23/91
CA4 3 41st UCLA, Powell Library, Los Angeles, California College 12/10/92
CA5 1 81st Castaic Inn, 31411 Ridge Route Road, Castaic, California Hotel/Motel 12/31/93
CA6 5 32nd UCSD, University Library Building, La Jolla, California College 05/16/94
CA7 2 51st 509 Cypress Avenue, San Bruno, California Condo Steve SC 08/29/94
CA8 1 83rd Glenmore Plaza Hotel, 120 Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California Hotel/Motel 12/30/94
CA9 1 89th 18218 Paradise Mountain Road, Valley Center, California House Burt B 06/27/99
CA10 1 90th Motel 6, 2081 N. First Street, San Jose, California Hotel/Motel 03/07/02
CA11 1 91st 3429 Caroline Avenue #5, Culver City, California Apartment Scott B 03/05/06
CA12 4 37th 8301 Rio San Diego Drive #27, San Diego, California Condo Durand S 02/21/14
CA13 11 27th Current residence in Lemon Grove, California House Steve N 03/07/14
CA14 19 22nd 2340 Rising Glen Way #301, Carlsbad, California Apartment Scott B 05/24/14
CA15 3 46th 1880 Shadowridge Drive #266, Vista, California Apartment Reid P 08/01/15
CO1 1 76th Pueblo Plaza Motel, 800 W. US Highway 50, Pueblo, Colorado Hotel/Motel 11/28/91
CO2 1 93rd 740 Scorpio Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado House Kerry H 05/26/09
CT1 1 97th DoubleTree Hotel, 16 Ella Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks, Connecticut Hotel/Motel 06/24/15
EAC 1 66th 739-B Hickory Street, Escondido, California Apartment C&C Y 04/07/84
ESC1 22 19th 1501 E. Grand Avenue #2223, Escondido, California Apartment Todd B 05/11/87
ESC2 1 68th 1501 E. Grand Avenue #5108, Escondido, California Apartment Eric K 04/20/87
ESC3 20 21st 1501 E. Grand Avenue #1210, Escondido, California Apartment Todd B 01/04/88
ESC4 4 34th 1641 Borden Road #B13, Escondido, California Apartment Burt B 06/13/88
ESC5 36 14th 437 Nantucket Glen, Escondido, California Condo Steve P 04/02/02
ESC6 3 39th 914 Via Linda, Escondido, California House Shirley W 06/20/90
ESC7 145 4th 1501 E. Grand Avenue #2314, Escondido, California Apartment Todd B 11/28/93
ESC8 76 6th 1501 E. Grand Avenue #2419, Escondido, California Apartment Todd B 10/16/95
ESC9 2 56th 741 Cleveland Avenue, Escondido, California House Burt B 06/06/98
ESC10 36 16th 1501 E. Grand Avenue #3314, Escondido, California Apartment Todd B 06/23/98
ESC11 183 2nd 1719 Sheridan Avenue, Escondido, California Guest House Todd B 09/26/03
FLA1 3 43rd Marriott World Center, 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida Hotel/Motel 01/22/96
ILL1 4 35th Days Inn, 644 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois Hotel/Motel 07/31/93
ILL2 2 52nd The Barclay, 166 E. Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois Hotel/Motel 05/24/95
MA1 1 88th 125 Lexington Avenue #33, Auburndale, Massachusetts Apartment Kristen N 04/17/99
MD1 1 79th Memorial Stadium, 1000 E. 33rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland Stadium 08/22/92
ME1 1 100th La Quinta Inn & Suites, 340 Park Avenue, Portland, Maine Hotel/Motel 06/27/15
MI1 1 84th Holiday Inn, 1265 S. 11th Street, Niles, Michigan Hotel/Motel 05/25/95
MI2 3 44th 7357 Walker Road, Spring Lake, Michigan House Julie D 10/27/03
MI3 1 92nd 2636 Chatham Woods Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan Condo Julie D 05/06/06
NEV1 1 86th MGM Grand, 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada Hotel/Motel 10/23/95
NH1 1 99th Hilton Garden Inn, 101 S. Commercial Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Hotel/Motel 06/26/15
NM1 1 77th Motel 6, 3400 Prospect Avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico Hotel/Motel 11/30/91
NM2 4 38th 7090 Purple Mountain Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico House Steve P 02/02/19
NM3 1 106th Thomas Branigan Library, 200 E. Picacho Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico Library 02/01/19
NM4 1 107th Comfort Suites, 236 N. Telshor Boulevard, Las Cruces, New Mexico Hotel/Motel 02/01/19
NM5 2 62nd Current residence in Las Cruces, New Mexico Apartment Steve P 11/24/19
NY1 3 42nd New York Helmsley, 212 E. 42nd Street, New York, New York Hotel/Motel 11/14/95
NY2 1 102nd Baseball Hall of Fame, Giamatti Research Center, Cooperstown, New York Museum 06/29/15
OH1 6 30th 1420 Coe Avenue, Clyde, Ohio House G&G M 08/15/84
OH2 1 87th University of Findlay, Shafer Library, 1000 N. Main Street, Findlay, Ohio College 09/09/97
OH3 6 31st AC Marriott at The Banks, 135 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, Ohio Hotel/Motel 08/23/20
OK1 2 57th 333 NW 5th Street #2009, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Apartment Julie D 07/24/99
RAM 42 12th 719 Davis Street, Ramona, California House Todd B 05/04/86
RB1 35 17th 11625 Alveo Way, Rancho Bernardo, California House Todd B 11/01/80
RB2 20 20th 17056 Palacio Place, Rancho Bernardo, California House Todd B 10/21/82
RB3 2 47th 11137 Capilla Road, Rancho Bernardo, California House Reid P 07/29/85
RB4 11 26th 11240 Poblado Road, Rancho Bernardo, California Townhouse Todd B 05/20/83
RB5 37 13th 11660 Agreste Place, Rancho Bernardo, California House Todd B 07/02/84
RB6 2 48th 17311 Matinal Road, Rancho Bernardo, California House Joe C 08/10/86
RB7 1 72nd 11196 Capilla Road, Rancho Bernardo, California House Doug M 10/05/89
RB8 15 24th 15929 Avenida Venusto #223, Rancho Bernardo, California Apartment Todd B 06/09/90
RB9 7 28th 17490 Hada Drive, Rancho Bernardo, California House Sue S 08/18/90
RB10 1 75th 12665 Pacato Circle South, Rancho Bernardo, California House Burt B 09/14/91
RB11 67 8th 12559 Caminito de la Gallarda, Rancho Bernardo, California Condo Julie D 02/02/99
RI1 1 98th Comfort Inn, 2 George Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Hotel/Motel 06/25/15
SD1 1 65th 11014 Via Asti, San Diego, California Apartment Joe C 09/04/83
SD2 3 40th 16630 Sagewood Lane, Poway, California House Steve N 09/19/91
SD3 23 18th 10014 Paseo Montril #107, San Diego, California Apartment Todd B 01/14/91
SD4 36 15th 12540 Oak Knoll Road #23, Poway, California Apartment Todd B 02/04/92
SD5 1 73rd 2240 Commonwealth Avenue, San Diego, California House Joe S 08/16/91
SD6 1 85th Sheraton Harbor Island, 1380 Harbor Drive, San Diego, California Hotel/Motel 10/07/95
SD7 7 29th Current residence in San Diego, California Condo Joe S 03/14/14
SD8 3 45th Hampton Inn, 11920 El Camino Real, Del Mar, California Hotel/Motel 04/18/14
SD9 1 105th 11752 Evergold Street, San Diego, California House Durand S 10/21/16
SD10 2 60th Marriott Marquis San Diego, 333 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, California Hotel/Motel 10/23/16
SLO1 1 78th Motel 6, 1433 Calle Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, California Hotel/Motel 06/23/92
SLO2 2 49th SLO County Library, 995 Palm Avenue, San Luis Obispo, California Library 05/07/94
SLO3 2 50th Howard Johnson Lodge, 1585 Calle Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, California Hotel/Motel 05/07/94
SLO4 2 53rd Quality Suites, 1631 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, California Hotel/Motel 04/06/96
SNB 77 5th 1505 Northpark Boulevard #44, San Bernardino, California Apartment Todd B 05/07/88
TEX1 2 54th Courtyard Marriott, 2150 Market Center Boulevard, Dallas, Texas Hotel/Motel 10/21/96
TN1 4 36th 1011 Arney Street, Elizabethton, Tennessee House G&G M 10/08/94
VT1 1 101st University of Vermont, Dana Medical Library, Burlington, Vermont College 06/28/15
WIS1 1 80th Sheraton Mayfair, 2303 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Hotel/Motel 07/29/93

Stats are updated through Game #1692

Total number of sites: 109

14 responses to “Game Sites

  1. 14 games before there’s a new #1. Exciting stuff! I’m guessing I’ve played SP78 in 5 states thus far. It would be cool to add a couple more.

    • I just checked the master list, and yes indeed, you’ve played SP78 in five states…we could add one or two more to that list if I’m able to come out for a visit. And don’t forget, you still hold the #1 spot for games played by an opponent!

  2. Will the new “ballpark” receive the designation “SD8” or “CA15”? I’m guessing “ESC12” and “RB12” aren’t very likely.

    • I was actually thinking about this very topic yesterday…and yes, I’m guessing the new home site will have an ‘SD’ or ‘CA’ designation, with ‘ESC’ and ‘RB’ as definite longshots. But depending on how soon I move into my new place, I may use ‘8’ or ’15’ for another location, if I decide to be adventurous and find some exotic San Diego locale to play a game or two at. Currently, all three places where I’m staying in the interim have hosted games in the past, and have their designations already established, but there’s a fourth host site that might see some action (of the SP78 variety, I should add!), so who knows what number my new apartment might end up with. Do you think ‘CI1’ is a possibility, or is that big bridge going to be too difficult to navigate by bike?

  3. You’re currently 38 games behind updating this list. What – do you have a life or something?

    • Well, kinda yes, if you consider work, sleep, and doing SP78 stats a life! I usually update that Game Sites section after an SP78 day of games has been played, but after finishing August 6th, I knew I’d have a bunch of ‘only one game hosted’ sites coming up on the trip, so I wanted to wait ’til I was through with August 7th before jumping into that task. With AZ15 getting a bunch of games added, and NM2 getting three, it was going to throw other rankings out of whack.

      So I just finished the last August 7th game last night, and just now got the complete rankings in order, so look for the updated list on the site in a few minutes!

  4. If I’m right, it looks like AZ15 will move into 9th place, ahead of AZ14, with it’s final game ending with Bill Castro shutting down the Bronx Bombers. On to AZ18!

    • You are correct: with 53 total games played (in just ten months), AZ15 moved into the 9th spot on the all-time games hosted list, passing AZ14’s total off 44 and missing AZ1’s hold on the 8th spot by three games. AZ15’s 43rd game knocked the Ramona, California site out of the top ten, a distinction it’s held since 1984. And there’s one more game in the current Yankees-Brewers series, where a Milwaukee win would move them to a half-game out of first in the AL East!

  5. OK – you’re choice . . . we’re going to have to play a game in Arkansas, Alabama, or Alaska, then one in Wyoming so that I can manage at the first and last sites on this list. With my luck, our game in Laramie will receive a designation of LA1.

    • Well, on the front end of the site spectrum, I’ll go with Alaska, where our game will played in Nome, and will be designated ‘NO1’. As for Wyoming, I think Worland will work out fine; that site will be known as ‘WHORE1’.

      But seriously: AK1 and WY1 will someday be the SP78 site bookends. Unless we end up playing in Afghanistan and Yemen as well.

  6. On second (or third) thought, we can drop Wyoming, since I already managed the game at WIS1 (duh!). Maybe 2 games in the Great White North, eh? One site designated AK1 and the other one YT1 (for Yukon Territory).

    • Okay, just so I’m straight on this: I can never, ever play a game in Wyoming, no matter what the situation, whether it be a chance to play against Johnny Bench in Casper, Larry Csonka in Jackson Hole, or even Elisabeth Shue at the top of Devil’s Tower…right?

      And two games in the Yukon Territory sound like fun…maybe we could have the Alpha Beta Girl and the Bennigan’s server from Wauwatosa meet us in Whitehorse for some two-on-two managerial action!

  7. Don’t forget there’s a Wyoming, Michigan. Ya never know! ;o

    • Well, now I don’t know WHAT to do about Wyoming! But I do see that it’s just a stone’s throw from Grand Rapids…and just a short trip up the US 131 to Fifth Third Ballpark. Go Whitecaps!

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