Classic Scoresheets

A collection of actual game scoresheets from my SP78 season, in chronological order, with emphasis on landmark games, special events, exhibitions, oddities, milestones, anniversaries, and those that are just favorites of mine for one reason or another. Click on any image to get a better view; a brief history can be found at the bottom of every sheet.

SP78 Scoresheet #1 - 8/22/80

SP78 Opening Day

SP78 Scoresheet #51x - 6/28/81

Phantom Game #1

SP78 Scoresheet #51 - 7/5/81

Scott’s Last Solo Game

SP78 Scoresheet #53x - 10/11/81

Phantom Game #2

SP78 Scoresheet #OH82 - 8/14/82

Final Non-SP78 Game

SP78 Game #107 Scoresheet - 7/2/84

Last Original Scoresheet

SP78 Scoresheet #110 - 8/15/84

Final Game at OH1

SP78 Game #132 Scoresheet - 10/5/85

Palomar College Game

SP78 Game #162 Scoresheet - 9/2/86

Steve P’s First Game

SP78 Game #181 Scoresheet - 7/15/87

1987 All-Star Game

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