Iron Glove Award

SP78 - Iron Glove Award

Awarded each month to the player in both the NL and AL with the most errors in their respective league. If players are tied for the lead in errors, the award is given based on the least number of games played for the month.

April – National League
Frank Taveras, Pittsburgh Pirates
7 errors – SS

April – American League
Wayne Gross, Oakland A’s
12 errors – 3B

May – National League
Ken Reitz, St Louis Cardinals
8 errors – 3B

May – American League
Butch Hobson, Boston Red Sox
11 errors – 3B

June – National League
Rodney Scott, Chicago Cubs
7 errors – 3B

June – American League
Robin Yount, Milwaukee Brewers
8 errors – SS

July – National League
Bill Almon, San Diego Padres
10 errors – 3B

July – American League
Robin Yount, Milwaukee Brewers
10 errors – SS

2 responses to “Iron Glove Award

  1. Is the player with the most errors for the season awarded the “Lead Glove Award”? If there are any subjective awards, I’d be more than happy to provide my expertise; I’m quite opinionated!

    • Actually, I never thought about a year-end ‘most errors’ award. I could call it the Shindle-Long Memorial Trophy, in honor of the two guys tied for the ML record for errors in a season, with 122 (and that would be an 1800s-established record, by the way). And I’ll definitely check with you and your opinion if I have any tough calls to make concerning subjective awards.

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