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July Stats Contribute to Tribe’s Puzzling Season

Legendary manager Connie Mack of the Philadelphia A’s once said that pitching is 75% of baseball. The SP78 edition of the Cleveland Indians are trying their best to prove him right: through July, the Tribe are batting .294 as a team, with five regulars hitting over .300 for the season, and Buddy Bell, Bernie Carbo, and Jim Norris all hitting over .350 in July. Why then did the team finish the month with a 13-17 mark, good for sixth place in the AL East and a current record of 47-59? One only has to look at the pitching staff for the answer: a 4.43 staff earned run average for the year, with three pitchers—Mike Paxton, David Clyde, and Paul Reuschel—stuck with ERA’s over 5.00.

Starting southpaw Rick Waits remains the only bright spot on the Indians staff, going 14-5 through July with a 2.73 ERA, 12 complete games, and five shutouts. In his three seasons with the Cleveland organization, he’s never had more than nine wins, and with two months left in the SP78 campaign, he has a good chance of reaching the coveted 20-win mark. Tribe bats remain hot, with Carbo leading the squad in average (.368), Bell in hits (141), and Andre Thornton in HR (21) and RBI (72), and Bell leading the AL in triples, with 14. But unless Indians hurlers can make a quick turnaround, the final two months of the season could be frustrating ones for Tribe fans.

To take a look at the Indians team page for results through July, click here. The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all AL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.


Lousy July Has Chisox Looking To Next Year

After an 11-21 July left the Chicago White Sox with an SP78 season mark of 35-70, good for last place in their division and the worst record in the major leagues, it’s safe to assume that, with two months left in the regular season and a 29-game climb to first place, the Sox won’t be repeating last year’s miraculous 92-70 third-place finish in the AL West. And with no trade opportunities on the horizon and a roster already stockpiled with minor league call-ups, it could be time for the Southsiders to begin playing out the string over the final two months of 1978.

The team hit a respectable .279 in July, but their pitching staff was less competitive, saddled with a 4.78 earned run average and just one shutout, a combined effort between Rich Wortham and Ron Schueler against the Brewers on July 25th. And though Steve Stone (3-2, 2.96) and reliever Wortham (2-1, 2.75) contributed solid numbers on the mound, both Wilbur Wood and Ken Kravec had ERA’s over 7.00, and both finished the month with won-lost records of 0-5. Veteran shortstop Don Kessinger, in his first full season with the Chisox, led all starters with a .321 batting average, while Eric Soderholm and Chet Lemon tied for the team lead in home runs, with five each. And mirroring the team’s SP78 woes, Statis Pro enthusiast Steve N. piloted the Sox to an 0-2 mark in July, the first two losses of his SP78 managerial career.

To take a look at the White Sox team page for results through July, click here. The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all AL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.

Ask Statistor

Statistor, Baseball Robota
Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either bi-monthly or whenever the mood strikes him.


Hi Statistor!

In real-time days, what’s the record for the longest gap between the playing of Games 1 and 2 of a doubleheader this season?

Brad B.
Los Angeles, CA

Hello Brad,

On July 31, 2007 the first game of a doubleheader between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs was played at site AZ8 in Peoria, Arizona, a contest won by the Dodgers 16-3. LA would make it a sweep with a 7-3 storm-shortened win in Game 2, played at the same site on October 19, 2007…a record 81 days after the first game was played. The reason for the delay is not known.

Grüße bösen Statistik Roboter,

Wurden Sie mit einer Waffe System gebaut, die in der Lage ist, die Zerstörung einer großen Stadt? Auch, ist Brooks Robinson spielen in der SP78 saison?

Markus D.
Bürstadt, Germany

Sehr geehrter Markus,

Nein. Und nein.


Stat Night Revisited

Stat Night, Revisited
Back in March I posted a quick update of my never-ending work on June stats, which I’d been slaving over for nearly a year: 368 total scoresheets for the month to tabulate, at about 30-45 minutes per page. At the time, I’d made it as far as the 12th of June, which translated to 133 sheets completed, with 235 more to go.

Now, five months later, I’m still hard at work getting those stats wrapped up, but I’m edging ever closer to the finish line. As of today I’ve reached June 24th, with 277 scoresheets completed, and just 91 left to compile. Of course, once I’m done with all of that, I still have to add those stats to the April and May totals, then plug all 26 teams’ worth into their respective blog pages.

And that beat-up green book on the table? A $2 thrift store copy of The Baseball Encyclopedia, given to me by a friend at work.

Stat Night

Stat Night - photo
Just another evening spent working on statistics at the living room table, where for the past several months I’ve been compiling stats for every SP78 game played in June: as the photo above shows, I’m currently at work on Game #777, a June 12th match-up between the Mets and Padres at San Diego Stadium. From here, I have just 235 scoresheets to pore over before I wrap-up the month, and can begin adding the numbers to the blog site.

And after that, I’ll make some minor additions to every team’s July statistics (which are, for the most part, already completed), and when I factor in the current August stats, I’ll be caught up with the season’s stats for the first time since I finished playing the last of the April games back in 1988. Thank heavens I have no social life, or I’d never have time to get any of this done.