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June is DONE!

Well, the first part is done, I should say…the part that took a year and a half to complete, from May 5, 2015 to October 16, 2016. Now, I get to take those collected statistics from every June game and combine them with the April and May statistics for all 26 teams, to get a new season total through June 30, 1978. Then punch them all into the site.

June Stat Work!

One small change I’ve decided to make is to the player and pitcher names, which were automatically colored blue when I made them links, and which connect to their career stats at Baseball-Reference.com. What irks me is when these names are clicked, they turn to black…and stay black, creating a hodgepodge of blue and black names throughout the team pages. So what I’ve done, and will do to previous team pages as well, is to physically change the links’ font color to a lighter shade of blue, which is the color they’ll remain no matter how many times they’re clicked. Continue reading

Stat Night

Stat Night - photo
Just another evening spent working on statistics at the living room table, where for the past several months I’ve been compiling stats for every SP78 game played in June: as the photo above shows, I’m currently at work on Game #777, a June 12th match-up between the Mets and Padres at San Diego Stadium. From here, I have just 235 scoresheets to pore over before I wrap-up the month, and can begin adding the numbers to the blog site.

And after that, I’ll make some minor additions to every team’s July statistics (which are, for the most part, already completed), and when I factor in the current August stats, I’ll be caught up with the season’s stats for the first time since I finished playing the last of the April games back in 1988. Thank heavens I have no social life, or I’d never have time to get any of this done.