SP78 – Iron Glove Award

2 responses to “SP78 – Iron Glove Award

  1. I’d like to suggest that we ask Geritol to sponsor the Iron Glove Award. It’s the late 70’s, and since the world will be going to hell in a sponsored hand basket soon, I think we should get started selling sponsorships. How about the Ty-D-Bowl Cellar Dwellar award for the most days in last place? Or the Ore-Ida Tater Tot award for most homers in a month?

    • Ha! Not bad…however, I don’t want to go full-hell sponsorship on everything yet, so the plan is to keep the named and unnamed awards at an even keel. Although, I like the Ore-Ida HR award idea…if I can find a good trophy image for it, perhaps we’ll have something new to add to the award list soon!

      And I am going to have a sponsor for the World Series, believe it or not; the sponsoring company will be an infantry division of the US Army during WWII, so as of now, the SP78 Fall Classic will officially be known as the ’75th World Series’.

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