The Cornfield

The Cornfield

A year-by-year memorial to the 145 ballplayers from my SP78 Replay season who have passed away since 1978, and like the old-time players from the movie Field of Dreams, went into the cornfield once they made life’s final out.

Bill Campbell, pitcher, Red Sox (January 6)
Sal Bando, third baseman, Brewers (January 20)
Tim McCarver, catcher, Phillies (February 16)
Jesus Alou, outfielder, Astros (March 10)
Dave Frost, pitcher, Angels (April 17)
Vida Blue, pitcher, Giants (May 6)

Larry Biittner, first baseman, Cubs (January 2)
Gene Clines, outfielder, Cubs (January 27)
Julio Cruz, second baseman, Mariners (February 22)
John Ellis, catcher, Rangers (April 5)
Johnny Wockenfuss, outfielder, Tigers (August 19)
Mark Littell, pitcher, Cardinals (September 5)
John Stearns, catcher, Mets (September 15)
Tommy Boggs, pitcher, Braves (October 5)
Bruce Sutter, pitcher, Cubs (October 13)
Gaylord Perry, pitcher, Padres (December 1)

Don Sutton, pitcher, Dodgers (January 18)
Mike Sadek, catcher, Giants (January 20)
Grant Jackson, pitcher, Pirates (February 2)
Ken Reitz, third baseman, Cardinals (March 31)
Rennie Stennett, second baseman, Pirates (May 18)
Mike Marshall, pitcher, Twins (May 31)
Dick Tidrow, pitcher, Yankees (July 10)
J.R. Richard, pitcher, Astros (August 4)
Jerry Remy, second baseman, Red Sox (October 30)

Ted Cox, outfielder, Indians (March 11)
Ed Farmer, pitcher, Brewers (April 1)
Damaso Garcia, second baseman, Yankees (April 15)
Matt Keough, pitcher, A’s (May 1)
Bob Watson, first baseman, Astros (May 14)
Biff Pocoroba, catcher, Braves (May 24)
Claudell Washington, outfielder, White Sox (June 10)
Adrian Devine, pitcher, Braves (June 27)
Tom Seaver, pitcher, Reds (August 31)
Lou Brock, outfielder, Cardinals (September 6)
Jay Johnstone, outfielder, Phillies (September 26)
Joe Morgan, second baseman, Reds (October 11)
Hal Dues, pitcher, Expos (October 20)
Roger Moret, pitcher, Rangers (December 7)
Phil Niekro, pitcher, Braves (December 26)

Tom Hausman, pitcher, Mets (January 16)
Leroy Stanton, designated hitter, Mariners (March 13)
Mike Colbern, catcher, White Sox (March 21)
Scott Sanderson, pitcher, Expos (April 11)
Bill Buckner, first baseman, Cubs (May 27)
Jim Bouton, pitcher, Braves (July 10)
Andy Etchebarren, catcher, Brewers (October 5)
Ron Fairly, first baseman, Angels (October 30)
Andy Hassler, pitcher, Red Sox (December 25)

Rob Picciolo, infielder, A’s (January 3)
Bob Bailey, designated hitter, Red Sox (January 9)
Oscar Gamble, outfielder, Padres (January 31)
Sammy Stewart, pitcher, Orioles (March 2)
Rusty Staub, designated hitter, Tigers (March 29)
Bruce Kison, pitcher, Pirates (June 2)
Myron White, outfielder, Dodgers (August 4)
Marty Pattin, pitcher, Royals (October 3)
Willie McCovey, first baseman, Giants (October 31)

Lee May, designated hitter, Orioles (July 29)
Don Baylor, designated hitter, Angels (August 7)

Lance Rautzhan, pitcher, Dodgers (January 9)
Paul Dade, outfielder, Indians (August 25)

Charlie Williams, pitcher, Giants (January 27)
Dave Bergman, outfielder, Astros (February 2)
Gary Woods, outfielder, Blue Jays (February 19)
Andy Mora, outfielder, Orioles (June 12)
Joaquin Andujar, pitcher, Astros (September 8)
Garry Hancock, outfielder, Red Sox (October 10)
Kerry Dineen, outfielder, Phillies (November 21)

Tim Hosley, catcher, A’s (January 21)
Jim Fregosi, third baseman, Pirates (February 14)
Mike Gordon, catcher, Cubs (May 26)
Bob Welch, pitcher, Dodgers (June 9)
Bobby Castillo, pitcher, Dodgers (June 30)
Tom Veryzer, shortstop, Indians (July 8)
Allen Ripley, pitcher, Red Sox (November 7)

Enzo Hernandez, shortstop, Dodgers (January 13)
Rick Camp, pitcher, Braves (April 25)
George Scott, first baseman, Red Sox (July 28)
Ed Herrmann, catcher, Expos (December 22)
Paul Blair, outfielder, Yankees (December 26)

Gary Carter, catcher, Expos (February 16)
Jim Obradovich, first baseman, Astros (March 3)
Andy Replogle, pitcher, Brewers (April 10)
Pedro Borbon, pitcher, Reds (June 4)
Bob Myrick, pitcher, Mets (August 23)
Champ Summers, outfielder, Reds (October 11)
Dave May, outfielder, Brewers (October 20)

Woodie Fryman, pitcher, Expos (February 4)
Mitchell Page, outfielder, A’s (March 12)
Bobby Thompson, outfielder, Rangers (April 25)
Paul Splittorff, pitcher, Royals (May 25)
Mike Flanagan, pitcher, Orioles (August 24)
Jesse Jefferson, pitcher, Blue Jays (September 8)
Bob Forsch, pitcher, Cardinals (November 3)
Randy Stein, pitcher, Brewers (December 12)

Jim Bibby, pitcher, Pirates (February 16)
Joe Gates, second baseman, White Sox (March 28)
Keith Drumright, second baseman, Astros (August 7)
Wayne Twitchell, pitcher, Phillies (September 16)
Tom Underwood, pitcher, Blue Jays (November 22)

Dave Roberts, pitcher, Cubs  (January 9)
Ed Rodriguez, pitcher, Brewers (March 6)
Mark Fidrych, pitcher, Tigers (April 13)

Steve Mingori, pitcher, Royals (July 10)
Bobby Murcer, outfielder, Cubs (July 12)
Dock Ellis, pitcher, Rangers (December 19)

Vern Ruhle, pitcher, Astros (January 20)
Bill Robinson, outfielder, Pirates (July 29)

Paul Lindblad, pitcher, Yankees (January 1)
Craig Kusick, outfielder, Twins (September 27)
Joe Niekro, pitcher, Astros (October 27)

Nelson Briles, pitcher, Rangers (February 13)
Pat Kelly, outfielder, Orioles (October 2)
Elrod Hendricks, catcher, Orioles (December 21)

Taylor Duncan, infielder, A’s (January 3)
Tug McGraw, pitcher, Phillies (January 5)
Victor Cruz, pitcher, Blue Jays (September 26)
Doug Ault, first baseman, Blue Jays (December 22)
Johnny Oates, catcher, Dodgers (December 24)

Bob Kammeyer, pitcher, Yankees (January 27)
Bobby Bonds, outfielder, Rangers (August 23)
Ken Brett, pitcher, Angels (November 18)

Jim Spencer, first baseman, Yankees (February 10)
Al Cowens, outfielder, Royals (March 11)
Darrell Porter, catcher, Royals (August 5)

Willie Stargell, first baseman, Pirates (April 9)

John Milner, outfielder, Pirates (January 4)
Aurelio Rodriguez, third baseman, Tigers (September 23)

Catfish Hunter, pitcher, Yankees (September 9)

Tom Buskey, pitcher,  Blue Jays (June 7)
Mark Belanger, shortstop, Orioles (October 6)


Roger Freed, first baseman, Cardinals (January 9)

Glenn Burke, outfielder, A’s (May 30)



Aurelio Lopez, pitcher, Cardinals (September 22)


Tony Solaita, designated hitter, Angels (February 10)
Larry Cox, catcher, Cubs (February 17)
Bo Diaz, catcher, Indians (November 23)

Donnie Moore, pitcher, Cubs (July 18)


Nino Espinosa, pitcher, Mets (December 24)

Eddie Solomon, pitcher, Braves (January 12)


Lynn McGlothen, pitcher, Cubs (August 14)


Francisco Barrios, pitcher, White Sox (April 9)



Thurman Munson, catcher, Yankees (August 2)

Lyman Bostock, outfielder, Angels (September 23)

112 responses to “The Cornfield

  1. SP78 Giants skipper Joe Altobelli has joined the managerial cornfield . . .

    • Goodbye, Joe…subject of one of the more infamous SP78 suspensions. I should find out how many (if any) 1978 managers are still alive today. Offhand, I don’t know…it would be weird if he’d been the last.

  2. Pat Corrales, Bobby Cox, Roger Craig, Whitey Herzog, Billy Hunter, Jack McKeon, Jeff Torborg, Joe Torre, and Bill Virdon are still alive as of today.

    • Thanks for the list! Billy Hunter is the oldest, at 92, while three others clock in at 79, the youngest age of the bunch. Sad to think that one of them will be the ‘last man standing’.

  3. Thanks for adding Ken Reitz, Cardinals’ 3B and one of my favorites from the Gibson/Brock era. RIP Ken.

    • I read up on him when I found out he’d passed away, and he seemed like a neat guy. I’ve always liked his ’74 Topps card…in action at third base, chewing gum and blowing a bubble.

  4. Pirates utility player and only 7 for 7 man, Rennie Stennett . . . RIP

  5. Red Sox 2B Jerry Remy . . .RIP

    • Just woke up, and found your e-mail just as I was sitting down to do my usual morning check of baseball passings. I didn’t even know he was sick, but then, that’s usually the case: now, it seems, it’s always a surprise.

  6. OK, not an SP78 player, but 78 Astros manager Bill Virdon, RIP.

    • I’d already found out about Virdon earlier that day, but when I saw your e-mail, I thought…oh no, a player went as well? Well, sort of…but still sad to see an SP78 manager go.

  7. John Ellis – ’78 Rangers . . . RIP

    • The AAA catcher who arrived to the team after the season had begun, when I realized the Rangers had no back-up catcher! I thought he was younger, but he was 30 by the time I called him up in ’78. Thanks for the news…goodbye, John!

  8. Add Cardinal pitcher Mark Littell to the very sad list . . .

  9. Adding Angels’ hurler Dave Frost to the cornfield.

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