Ticket – Hall of Fame Game – 6/29/15

With my friend Steve P and I ready to embark on our trip to the New England states to see a handful of minor league baseball games, which would include a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum to play an SP78 Replay game, I thought it would be cool to print up tickets for the contest, to give to Steve at some point during the trip. I’d found an image generator on-line where I could re-create a Ticketron-style ticket of the 1970s, so I made up a surprisingly-realistic version of one for the SP78 Hall of Fame Game, to be played between the Tigers and Mets at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown.

Two days before I was scheduled to fly to New Mexico to meet up with Steve and begin our trip, I went to make a JPEG image of the file to take to Kinko’s, hoping to print a decent pair of color versions onto cardstock paper. Unfortunately, the image itself turned out to be very small…in fact, it was stupidly small, and since I didn’t know how to enlarge a PDF file, I had no choice but to scrap the plan and quickly throw together a scorecard program for the Statis Pro game instead.

However, I still had the image on my laptop computer, and for whatever reason it displayed at a normal size on the screen, so when Steve and I finally sat down in the HOF library to play the game, the ticket was there on display for us to see throughout the contest. And if you’re wondering if the Section, Row, and Seat numbers – and the ticket price – are fabricated, well wonder no more: I went on-line and found not only a seating diagram for Doubleday Field, but an actual ticket for sale from the 1978 game, which allowed me to include actual pricing and seat locations to the final product.

Chat with the SP78 Commissioner

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