Ticket – SP78 15th Anniversary – 8/22/95

My favorite ticket of the bunch was also the third and final ticket created by hand for an SP78 game: the 15th Anniversary Game of August 22, 1995, played at my girlfriend Julie’s condo in Rancho Bernardo, California. And contrary to the tenth anniversary get-together back in 1990, this time I had lots of fans take part in the festivities, as six people showed up at site RB11 with their tickets, bringing the total attendance count to 8, an SP78 record which still stands.

I worked a couple of days on this particular ticket, using the typewriter I’d purchased a few years earlier, creating the simple ‘circle 15’ logos on Julie’s computer, and copying the Braves logo from their 1978 program. Also, instead of typing in section, row, and seat numbers after the ticket had been printed, I borrowed an old-fashioned date stamper from work, bought a red ink pad, and stamped the numbers in by hand, hoping to add a bit of realism to the overall look.

Also, on the ticket above you’ll notice an ‘A – A’ in the center section; these were the prize giveaway letters, where one letter per ticket – each ticket had a different letter – was punched out at the door, when fans arrived at the condo. Throughout the game, I would draw a letter from the pile of punched-out tabs and award a small prize: 1978 Topps cards and leftover homemade ‘fringe player’ cards were two of the stellar gifts given away that evening.

And as always, I made it clear that there were absolutely no refunds on these comped tickets. And continuing the downward trend established by the first two ticket prices, admission to this game would only set you back $3.50…but you’d now be sitting way up in the upper box level!

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