Program – Welcome Back, Tom Paciorek! – 6/16/99

My favorite of all my SP78 programs, as far as looks and layout go, and one made for the ‘Welcome Back, Tom Paciorek!’ game played at site ESC11 on June 16, 1999. After the return of Steve Ontiveros and Phil Mankowski from their respective disabled lists, perhaps the most heralded of player recoveries from injury this SP78 season was that of Mariners outfielder Paciorek, who had helped the M’s to a 16-game win streak and a see-saw battle with the Twins for first place; however, during his 30-day stint on the DL, Seattle went 7-21 and dropped to from second to fifth in the AL West. As you’d expect, his return to the M’s roster was cause for celebration throughout the organization.

This was another 8-page program, but a lot of care was taken with the making of this one: plenty of fun Seattle-area ads, Mariners and White Sox updates, a recap of action from June 26th, a bio of Paciorek and a list of his current stats, a scorecard centerpiece displaying Paciorek’s Statis Pro player card, and for the first and only time, a photo on a program’s front cover, taken from a 1978 Mariners program I’d ordered by mail. Everything I put in there seemed to fit just right, and because of this commitment to excellence, the price of a program jumped back up to 25 cents.

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