Program – Steve Ontiveros Day – 5/7/88

The first program I ever created for my SP78 Replay season was for ‘Steve Ontiveros Day’ festivities held May 7, 1988 at the apartment my brother Scott and I shared in San Bernardino, a game which my friend Steve P had also attended after making the long drive up from San Diego that afternoon. Ontiveros, a third baseman for the Cubs, was the first player injured during the SP78 season, and was returning from his 30-day stint on the disabled list.

Most of the program content was designed while I worked day shifts at a local video store, which I’d then type up after I’d returned home. The Chicago-based ads found on the inside pages were cut from a 1977 White Sox program, and the hint of another Cubs logo from the inside front cover can faintly be seen below the circular Cubs logo on the front. A rare ‘green cover’ edition of this program was printed, but never released; only one is known to exist.

4 responses to “Program – Steve Ontiveros Day – 5/7/88

  1. What did the inner pages consist of? Just ads?

    • I wanted the program to be like a shorter version of a real one, so yes, there were lots of ads, but there was game-related content, too. There were 16 pages within the program, and they included: a letter from the commissioner, NL and AL standings and a list of that day’s games, a bio of Steve Ontiveros and his complete ML batting record, NL and AL league leaders through April 30th, ‘This Date in Baseball History’ for May 2nd, a game-by-game account of Ontiveros’ SP78 season, an SP78 quiz, and a comparison of games played May 1, 1978 and the May 1st schedule of games I played ten years later on May 1, 1988. And of course, a center scorecard area, filled with ads and a reproduction of Ontiveros’ Statis Pro player card.

  2. That sounds like it took a good bit of time.

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