Scorecard – Game #500 – 10/13/91

A one-sheet scorecard I quickly pasted together at home and made copies of the following day at work, for a game I’d play that night (October 13, 1991) between the Yankees and Blue Jays at Toronto. The occasion was the ‘500th Game’ in SP78 history, but if you consider the five game’s I’d double-numbered in previous years, it was actually the 505th game played (though in all statistical references it’s still labeled #500).

The inside was made up of what you’d find in the scorecard section of a typical program; in this instance, there were ads for Rawlings and a Toronto restaurant called Shopsey’s, a diagram of Exhibition Stadium, an address to join the Blue Jays Fan Club, and basic info for the game’s starting pitchers: Ron Guidry (8-0) for New York and Tom Underwood (4-4) for Toronto. And of course, there was a section to keep score, which I actually did during the game, using one of the several copies of the scorecard I’d printed; this was the first and only time I’d ever scored a game twice while it was being played!

And since this publication was a simple two-pages long, and therefore not as in-depth as the previous two SP78 programs, I dropped the purchase price from a quarter down to ten cents.

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