Program – Indians vs Brewers – 7/29/93

Of the eleven total SP78 programs and scorecards that were ever made, this was the only one that wasn’t created for a special SP78 event, and the only one whose cover did not mention Statis Pro or SP78. This four-page program was printed for an Indians-Brewers Statis Pro game my friend Steve P and I played during our ‘Enjoy It While You Can’ trip to Chicago and Milwaukee in 1993, where four other SP78 games were also played during the trip, and where Steve and I saw actual ballgames at Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, and County Stadium as well.

This program was another quick and simple creation, with a title page, a center scorecard area, and a back page which included a Brewer Quick Quiz and ads for Golden Guernsey Dairy, Gardner’s Bakeries, WTMJ Radio, and 1812 Overture Records & Tapes. The game had already been labeled #675 in the program, which made it the second game played during the trip, at our Wauwatosa hotel outside of Milwaukee.

The program also included a special edition of TWISP Notes for that particular game, and was the first to have a vertical scorecard layout, as opposed to the horizonal left-to-right set-up of the previous three publications. And check out that affordable purchase price, with tax included!

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