Media Guide – SP78 All-Star Game – 8/22/04

My most ambitious, my most informative, and sadly, the last program I’d ever create for my SP78 season…or so I thought at the time. For years I’d anticipated the day I reached the All-Star Game, the midway point of my long season, and I wanted to mark the occasion with my biggest and best program yet: 28 pages jam-packed with extensive player bios and stats, rosters, current NL and AL standings, All-Star factoids, month-by-month memorable moments from the season, a page devoted to the ‘proud sponsors’ of the game from the San Diego area, the boxscore from the actual 1978 All-Star Game, a reproduction of a real game ticket, and a full-page Licorice Pizza ad for my favorite album of all time, But Seriously, Folks… by Joe Walsh.

In fact, without a center scorecard or an abundance of ads on every page, it was more like a media guide than a program, and at the last minute I made that change on the cover…and raised the price to a dollar because of it! This was also the first game booklet where I’d used my desktop computer for all cover and inside text, instead of my typewriter.

I’d always hoped that the game would draw my biggest crowd ever, but with my recent move to Arizona, any chances of having attendance totals beyond 1 were slim to none. So in the end I participated in the game alone, on August 22, 2004 at my AZ8 apartment in Peoria, Arizona, and mailed the guides to those friends and family members who’d followed the game over the years. And then I decided this would be the last program, scorecard, or media guide I’d ever again make for an SP78 game. For another 11 years, anyway.

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