Program – SP78 20th Anniversary – 8/22/00

For the first time since the 15th Anniversary Game in 1995, a game program was created for an SP78 event that would have more than one person in attendance. For this 20th Anniversary Game, between the Rangers and Angels at Anaheim Stadium, my friend Steve P offered to host the August 22, 2000 proceedings at his Escondido, California condo; also attending was my brother Scott, who would be co-managing the Rangers with Steve, the second time in SP78 history they’d paired up as managers.

Since this was to be quite the festive occasion (Cheez-Its, Cracker Jack, IBC root beer in bottles, and music from 1980), I chose to give this particular program a look of elegance, and used gray slate paper for its cover. It was also the introduction of my 20th Anniversary logo, a simple design I’d created on my computer; cover text was also computer-designed, the second time a program cover didn’t include text from a typewriter. Inside the 8-page publication, along with the usual scorecard and TWISP Notes, was a greeting from the commissioner, 20 Years of SP78 Facts and Figures, recaps of the six head-to-head meetings between the Rangers and Angels, current AL standings, an overview of the recently-introduced Pitcher Reduction concept, and season updates for both teams.

Overall, there was plenty of reading material for those in attendance, and especially those who might’ve grown weary of watching others play a board game. And yes, buying a program would now set you back 50 cents, the result of inflation and, perhaps, that fancy slate cover.

Chat with the SP78 Commissioner

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