Program – SP78 15th Anniversary – 8/22/95

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of SP78’s Opening Day, I decided to play a game and invite as many friends and family members I could think of to watch; the list included those who were not only aware of my Statis Pro season, but who also lived close enough to easily attend the festivities. The date was August 22, 1995, and the game was #800 of my season, between the Cardinals and Braves at my girlfriend Julie’s condo in Rancho Bernardo, California.

Prior to the game, I spent a few days at the living room table typing up this eight-page program, using ads from a 1978 Braves program and creating a ’15’ cover logo on Julie’s computer. The print job done at Copymat wasn’t the best, as the black areas seemed spotty in places (the circle around the ’15’, for example), but everything else came out looking fine. Once again, the program contained a title page, a center vertical scorecard, and an issue of TWISP Notes, but this offering also included a special greeting from the commissioner (typed on SP78 stationary Julie had created for me), current NL and AL standings, and a chronological history of the SP78 season up to that point.

A record crowd of 8 showed up for the big game, and even though most went home with programs, I still had nine of them left over afterwards…a gross misjudgement of how many fans I thought would actually attend.

Chat with the SP78 Commissioner

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