Program – SP78 10th Anniversary – 8/22/90

The second team program I created for an SP78 event was for the 10th Anniversary Game between the Padres and Reds at Riverfront Stadium, played August 22, 1990 at the apartment I shared with my brother Scott in Rancho Penasquitos, California. Learning from my previous mistake of cutting up a program for the print ads, this time I simply made copies of the ads, which I’d found in a Reds program I’d ordered from the team back in 1978.

And like the ‘Steve Ontiveros Day’ program created two years prior, this program included a center scoring section, current standings and scores, a few team-related articles, and a new edition of TWISP Notes. And in this particular release, plenty of Cincinnati-area advertising, including spots for the 580 Gift Shop, Frisch’s Big Boy, Dayton Gems minor league hockey, Burger Chef, Kahn’s hot dogs, and Buckeye potato chips .

Chat with the SP78 Commissioner

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