SP78 Game #OH82 Scoresheet – “Final Non-SP78 Game” – 8/14/82

SP78 Game #OH82 Scoresheet - 8/14/82

A relic indeed: not only the last time I played a Statis Pro game that had nothing to do with my SP78 Replay season, and not only the first and only game I ever played in-flight, but also the first to be started in one location (airborne on Republic Airlines) and completed in another (my grandparents’ house in Clyde, Ohio). With Scott managing the Dodgers, we sat back and did our best to turn cards, move baserunner tokens, and keep score without knocking the game board off the two small pull-down trays in front of us. Obviously tiring of the complexity of the situation, we stopped after a few innings and waited ’til our arrival in Clyde before finishing the game later that night, in the comfort of our basement living quarters.

I had started and stopped my misconceived ‘Reds only’ season in May of that year, and wouldn’t re-start my SP78 season until the following January, which may explain why I didn’t play any more games during our two-week stay in Clyde (nor did I ever again score a game with a pen, red or otherwise). And I can only assume that the mysterious brown stains at the top and bottom of the sheet were the result of a jostled in-flight meal during some unexpected turbulence.

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