SP78 Game #EXH4 Scoresheet – “Old-Timers Game at MIN” – 9/22/12

The first Old-Timers Game of my SP78 season, and the fourth exhibition contest overall, featured players from the 1959 Baltimore Orioles battling it out with the 1962 Minnesota Twins, played before the regularly-scheduled game between the Orioles and Twins at Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis. And yes, the two teams were indeed made up of players from those years, though their Statis Pro cards reflected their stats and numbers from 1959 and 1962, and not how they might’ve played if they were nearly two decades older, and not as strong and skilled as they once were.

I already owned Statis Pro cards for the ’62 Twins from one of their ‘greatest teams’ sets, but I still needed cards for the Orioles, so I went on-line and found a guy who offered .pdf downloads of team sets from prior years for free. Luckily, he had O’s cards that were close to the right time frame (though obviously not from the same year), and I was able to print them out and make a cheap paper set to use for the game, which as you can see above was won handily by the ’62 Twins by a 10-2 count. There were a total of six home runs clubbed by these ‘old-timers’, including two by Baltimore (Gene Woodling and Brooks Robinson) and four by victorious Minnesota (Don Mincher, Vic Power, Johnny Goryl, and Harmon Killebrew).

For those of you interested in reading a recap of the game, click here.

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