SP78 Game #EXH2 Scoresheet – “Pearson Cup Game” – 1/29/00

The second exhibition contest of my SP78 season was the annual Pearson Cup Game, the first in an actual series of match-ups played between baseball’s two Canadian teams, the Expos and the Blue Jays, between 1978 and 1986. In my game, Toronto topped host Montreal 2-1 at site ESC11; the deciding run crossed the plate in the sixth, when Expos reliever Mike Garman uncorked a wild pitch with the bases loaded, allowing Rick Bosetti to race home with the game-winner.

I’d already decided to make all exhibition games last just seven innings (except for the All-Star Game and Hall of Fame Game, which are presented by MLB, and not an individual team), so this one followed that same format. I wasn’t sure if the real-life contest went seven or nine innings, but that game was won by the Expos 5-4 in ten innings, so that right there clued me in to how many innings the game could go.

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