SP78 Game #888 Scoresheet – “The Legal Pad Scoresheet” – 3/20/98

Whoa, whoa, whoa…what the hell is this madness? There I was, at my Mom’s AZ3 condo in Mesa, Arizona, ready to play a June 21st game between the Braves and Padres, when I discovered I’d forgotten to bring blank scoresheets on the trip out from San Diego! So I had to improvise, and luckily there was a yellow legal pad in the condo available for me to use as a temporary game stat page.

What you see here is the Braves’ side of the sheet, which had most of the game information on it, with the Padres’ stats written on the other side. When I returned home, I copied all the stats to an actual Statis Pro scoresheet, and filed this yellow one away as one of many historical SP78 documents collected over the years.

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