SP78 Game #800 Scoresheet – “15th Anniversary Game” – 8/22/95

Besides the fact this was SP78’s 15th Anniversary Game, and #800 of the season, there’s another reason why this scoresheet stands out; take a look at the attendance total, on the left side of the sheet. Yep, a whopping EIGHT people were at this game, to see the Braves beat the Cardinals 7-3 at site RB11, my girlfriend Julie’s condo in Rancho Bernardo, California. Besides Julie and myself, also in attendance were my brother Scott, my Dad, and my friends Steve P, Steve N, and Joe and his wife Ame. And this time, I didn’t send out ticket order forms for the event…I simply sent them all tickets, with a note inviting them over for a cookout and the exciting opportunity to watch me play a baseball board game.

It’s been nearly 25 years since I played this game, and I’ve never come close to this outrageous attendance total again. And unless I play on the infield grass of a major- or minor-league ballpark in-between games of a doubleheader, I kinda doubt I ever will. And if you’d like to see a program that was handed out during this game, click here.

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