SP78 Game #1048 Scoresheet – “Ruthven’s No-Hitter” – 2/11/02

Perhaps the second most intense game I’ve ever played (see the first here), the July 3, 1978 match-up between Philadelphia and New York that saw Phillies pitcher Dick Ruthven hurl the first no-hitter of the SP78 season, and the first of his career, a 5-0 win over the baffled Mets at site ESC11. Ruthven allowed just three batters to reach base: Willie Montanez on an error in the second inning, Lenny Randle on a walk in the third, and pitcher Pat Zachry on a fielder’s choice, also in the third. After that, Ruthven retired 19 straight Mets, en-route to his eighth win and fourth shutout of the year.

At the top of scoresheet is a notation for the final out of the game, an easy ground-out to third by Joel Youngblood, on a card draw that was in Ruthven’s PB range, was an obvious high random number for the out, and where there was no error on the play.

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