Game #757 – ESC8 – 9/9/94

A snapshot taken after a night game at site ESC8, my one-bedroom apartment at the Eagles Point apartment complex in Escondido, California, between the Blue Jays and Brewers at County Stadium in Milwaukee, a June 10th match-up that saw the Jays win by a slim 5-4 count. Of all the ‘at home’ sites that have ever hosted a game, this one is by far my favorite; not only my favorite apartment of the many I’ve lived in, but also my favorite game-playing spot, in my bedroom on what would become known as the Statis Pro desk, a recent gift from my girlfriend Julie. The site saw a total of 76 SP78 games played between 1994 and 1995, good for 6th place on the all-time games hosted list, and the desk was used for 75 of them; the last played at the apartment took place on the living room floor, since the desk had already been moved to its new location in Rancho Bernardo.

As you can tell by the photo, everything I could possibly need to enjoy a game – save for maybe a mini fridge stocked with Pepsi – was right there on the desk, from the phone, tape player, and mini black-and-white TV to the dozen or so books, guides, and baseball reference materials available around the desktop. For me it was also a very comfortable place to play, with a window I could look out on the right, a television and radio for watching or listening to Padres games in front of me, and a top-floor bedroom that didn’t share a wall with any other apartment, which meant every game I played was a peaceful, quiet one.

Looking left to right at the photograph, you can see a small, framed photo of a Red Sox-Brewers game at County Stadium, where my friend Steve and I traveled during our summer baseball tour of 1993; an Orioles 1978 student pass dangling from the TV antenna; a baseball in a protective cube signed by Indians great Bob Feller; a 1975 World Series ticket stub and a ’78 Brewers pocket schedule; a clear case holding old-time baseball cards; and inside the gray box on the right, a collection of schedules and ticket stubs from the 1978 season.

And what about the shadowbox above the desk? Only two of the three shelves inside are visible, but the items are easy to identify: a Phoenix Firebirds ticket stub, a ‘Go Reds’ bumper sticker, two small Cubs and Padres lapel pins, a 1979 Mariners ticket stub, some items from the 1993 Chicago baseball trip, a Johnny Bench photo and a matchbook from his Home Plate restaurant, and a 1987 A’s pocket schedule and a Giants Humm Baby, It’s Gonna Be Fun! pin. And on the right, on the bottom, a photo of yours truly, posing in my orange-and-black Tigers uniform during my 1971 Little League season.

I can remember taking this photo specifically because of how much I loved this location, and didn’t want to forget it; I’m now glad I did, because it’s the only photo that exists of a game played on that desk at site ESC8. And though I still own the desk, it is no longer used for Statis Pro games.

2 responses to “Game #757 – ESC8 – 9/9/94

  1. Good stuff, was this the flat near Pomerado Hospital? And how come you don’t use the desk anymore? Is the round table that you have now used so the Round Table Pizza fits perfectly on the table? How come Round Table Pizza is not the pizza of choice for the SP78 league?

    • That was one of my apartments in Escondido, behind the Vineyard and Escondido Village Mall…my favorite of all those apartments, actually. And the desk is now home to my laptop, my printer, and my fan, so there’s no room for Statis Pro Baseball action. Plus, the table is more spacious than the desk, but sadly, with no Round Table Pizza in the area (the closest is in Yuma), my pizza of choice is now Barro’s or Sardella’s.

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