From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 11/4/14  8:29 pm
Subject: SP78: The Formative Years


Something funny to add the ever-growing list of things I screwed up during the early years of SP78. I’m working on the updated stat boxes for the Expos for the blog site, and just now, nearly 30 years after the fact, I discovered that a 3-game Expos-Phillies series should’ve been played in Montreal, instead of Philadelphia! One of those three games included the 23-inning marathon game you and I played at my apartment in Escondido back in ’87.

This sort of erratum has happened a few times in the past, and I’ve made the necessary corrections, but this time such an undertaking would be too involved, and require too much fixing of scoresheets, laptop stat pages, and blog site information. So instead, I’m going to say that the games were switched to Veterans Stadium due to extreme blizzard conditions in Montreal that made playing at Olympic Stadium impossible. The teams will flip-flop venues later in the season to balance it all out.


Half-Whacked Commissioner, SP78

From: Steve P
To: Todd B
Date: 11/4/14  8:55 pm
Subject: Re: SP78: The Formative Years


So, basically, in late September, the Expos are going to host the Phillies six times in nine days? Maybe the Cardinals have a chance to catch up during that stretch! The extreme blizzard kept the teams from making it to Stadium Olympique from the hotel, I suppose.


From: Todd B
To: Steve P

Date: 11/4/14  9:10 pm
Subject: SP78: The Blundering Years


I’ve had stranger things go on with the REAL ’78 schedule than this, so I don’t think anyone’s going to blink an eye over this slight breach of etiquette. And actually, the teams never made it to Montreal at all; the Expos flew straight from their 3-game series in Chicago to Philadelphia, while the Phillies wrapped up a 2-game set in Pittsburgh, and with two days off after that, took the team bus on a leisurely drive across Pennsylvania to Veterans Stadium, with a stop at Hersheypark in Harrisburg along the way.

It’s too bad construction of the Olympic Stadium roof was never completed; otherwise, this unfortunate situation never would’ve never transpired. And if the Cards can take advantage, so be it!

Back On Track Commissioner, SP78

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