DEC-31-96  TUE  9:11 PM  P.01

To: Steve P – Season of Champions
From: Todd B – SP78 Replay
Date: 12/31/96
Subject: Damn Yankees

Okay, here are the facts. The Yankees are, of course, in first in the AL East. I’d like to see the Tigers or Brewers overtake them and go to the Series, if possible. Tonight, June 17th, Game #848, it’s the Yankees and the Angels from Yankee Stadium. On the mound for NY is Don Gullett, with a record of 3-1. For California it’s 2-5 PB starter Ken Brett, who’ll probably get killed but needs a start.

So what happens? Brett stifles the potent Yankee lineup, taking a 3-1 lead into the seventh. He gives way to Dave LaRoche, who has not given up a run in his last 13 innings, over five relief appearances.

So here we are, the bottom of the ninth. Leading off is Roy White, who promptly singles. Reggie Jackson, sitting out this game because of an injury to his bat, pinch-hits for Cliff Johnson and gets drilled in the back for an HBP. With three right-handed batters due up, lefty LaRoche exits, and righty Paul Hartzell enters. Hartzell, in his last six games, has given up one run. Gary Thomasson, pinch-hitting for Bucky Dent, whiffs.

One out, two on, Yankees down by one run. Lead-off batter Willie Randolph steps up. The LAST thing on everybody’s mind is a Randolph tater; he has only one chance on his card for an HR, a 34.


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