From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 11/30/14  7:40 pm
Subject: One More SP78 Stat

I don’t know if either you or I have realized this in the past, but you’re the only SP78 opponent to have managed a team in April, May, June, and July of the SP78 season. And if you come out to visit, or if we do indeed go on our trip this summer, you’ll have played games in August as well.

The tough one for you might be October: only ONE day of games. I may have to fly you out to Arizona (or Chicago, or Auckland, or whatever city’s hospital I’m using an iron lung in at that time) to play one of those games.


From: Steve P
To: Todd B
Date: 11/30/14  8:20 pm
Subject: Old Commissioner Man


And when it comes down to one day of games, you’re going to be so jacked to get to the playoffs that you’ll probably play all of them in one day! If you commit to working on September stats until I can get there, then I have about an eighteen month window to play an October game in.

And that’s the hardest I’ve ever laughed at the expression “iron lung” (which I guess is a good thing).


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