From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 11/25/03  11:13 pm
Subject: SP78 Save Question


OK, here’s the situation: Orioles lead the Royals 3-1 in the last of the ninth…McGregor has been pitching great for the O’s, but he’s tiring, and gives up a hit and a walk with two outs. I bring in reliever Don Stanhouse, who promptly gives up a single to load the bases, then walks George Brett to push across a run, making the score 3-2. Amos Otis then grounds out to third to end the game.

Now, I know that there’s a ‘relief pitcher must pitch effectively for three innings’ rule, but does that hold true for a pitcher who’s in any other save situation? As in, Stanhouse got the out, and ‘saved’ the game, but does he earn a save even though he didn’t really pitch effectively?

Thanks in advance for your input. The crew at the Northwestern University office had a little trouble with this one…


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  1. Did I ever respond to the inquiry regarding Stanhouse’s save or not save? I think my understanding of the rule might have been to give him the save, but in retrospect, I say “strip him!” (I’ll let you interpret that one).

    • Currently I have no such response in print, though I’m sure you sent one! I’ve discovered that I printed quite a few of my inquiry e-mails concerning SP78, but didn’t save the follow-up responses…and now that computer is dead, as apparently are all those responses. So my apologies for not being a better caretaker of Statis Pro documents.

      I did find the game in question, however: Game #1119, a July 8th contest between the O’s and Royals at Royals Stadium. According to the scoresheet, I credited Stanhouse with a save, so you apparently gave a thumbs up at the time. And I will most certainly interpret ‘strip him!’ as the G-rated ‘to remove from possession’, which I guess could also be interpreted as an exorcism.

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