NOV-19-96  TUE  10:28 AM  P.01

From: SP78 Headquarters
To: SOC Headquarters
Attn: Steve P
Subject: News Items  (May 13th – 9/3/89)  (May 19th – 5/29/91)

On May 13th, Rich Chiles of the Twins was injured after a collision with center fielder Hosken Powell in the eighth inning of a game versus Boston. Both were chasing a fly ball of the bat of Butch Hobson, who wound up on second with a double after the collision. Chiles was put on the 30-day DL, while Powell was out of the lineup for only 7 games.

The Seattle Mariners 16-game winning streak began on April 28th and lasted through the first game of a May 19th doubleheader versus Texas. The Rangers won the second game 9-5. The streak is the longest by a team this season.

Steve P has defeated Todd Benefiel in 3 straight games of Statis Pro, his longest win streak ever.

END    END    END    END    END

Monday, November 18, 1996    10:54 pm

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