From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 10/6/13  6:53 am
Subject: Garvey Drills One!


Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope you’re having some fun out there today in the Las Cruces area…anything planned for today? To help celebrate, I’m heading over to the Harkins next door at 8:30 am to see the new George Clooney-Sandra Bullock spacefest ‘Gravity’. Then, again on your birthday, I’ll be playing a Statis Pro game, the first I’ve played on this date since 1993, and only the third overall; it will be the first time I’ve played a game on your birthday where you weren’t a participant!


From: Steve P
To: Todd B
Date: 10/6/13  7:50 am
Subject: Re: Garvey Drills One!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’ve heard that ‘Gravity’ is better than the Dennis Quaid / Meg Ryan thriller ‘Innerspace’ as far as space movies go, so enjoy that one. If today’s game is the much-heralded Gary Serum – Jim Clancy matchup, I would like to participate in the game by calling for Gary Serum to issue an intentional walk to a Blue Jays hitter at some point in the game (unless he’s throwing a perfect game, of course). Then I will have still participated in every October 6 SP78 game.



From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 10/6/13  8:04 am
Subject: Serum Issues One!

Mr P,

Gary Serum will indeed be issuing an intentional walk in today’s game…even if he IS throwing a perfect game!

Strange, though, that we’ve only played two October 6th birthday games together…I’ve would’ve expected to find a lot more on the list. Maybe we were busy celebrating at Pure Platinum those nights…


STL - Lou Brock 40th Birthday

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