Dear Mr. Commissioner,

It has come to my attention that you are playing God, in the sense that you are rewriting the history of baseball. You have decided upon yourself to replay the 1978 games. How can this be possible? I guess you are too far into the season to change your mind, so I took it upon myself to look up the 1978 season stats. And here are my findings for an All-Star lineup. Forgive me if I go astray.

1B – S. Garvey
2B – B. Madlock
SS – D. Concepcion
3B – E. Cabell
LF – T. Puhl
CF – G. Maddox
RF – D. Parker
C – S. Yeager
P – G. Perry

1B – E. Murray
2B – B. Wills
SS – R. Smalley
3B – E. Soderholm
LF – S. Kemp
CF – R. LeFlore
RF – R. Miller
C – J. Sundberg
P – R. Guidry

Give me stats on all the players if you can. See if you can highlight more defensive plays in your next TWISP. Thanks!


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