From: Steve N
To: Todd B
Date: 9/7/04  5:42 pm
Subject: Rules Question

Q: A team is losing going into the late innings. The pitcher of record for the home team is pinch-hit for to lead off the 8th inning. That pinch-hitter sparks a rally that puts the team ahead. A new pitcher is brought in for the top of the 9th to finish the game. How is the winning pitcher determined?


From: Todd B
To: Steve N
Date: 9/7/04  7:49 pm
Subject: Rules Question…and Answer!

Yo SPB86 Guy!

So, let’s say it’s the Padres-Reds at Riverfront…Reds are home team, and are losing 4-3 in the last of the 8th. Seaver is pinch-hit for, the Reds rally, and now the score is 5-4 Reds going into the top of the 9th. Hume is now the pitcher. He holds the lead, Reds win. Seaver gets credit for the win (because the relief pitcher had not entered the game yet when the Reds took the lead), and Hume gets the save.

If the Reds had rallied to TIE, then Seaver gets a no-decision, and Hume is there to win or lose it.

I’m also attaching the boxscore from my most-recently played game for your enjoyment. Also, if you could…and if I’m not pressuring you too much…could you send me some ideas for your slot on the Pitcher Injury chart? I’d like to polish that off before I get a pitcher injury, roll the dice, and wind up…with a blank space. Pat Zachry stumbles off the mound and disappears down a rift in the space-time continuum, and is lost forever.

I’m anxiously awaiting my next SPB86 e-mail.

And also…the dinks at Earthlink recently helped me lose my entire e-mail collection; is there a way you can re-send that letter with Pam’s All-Star comment? The one with “Yeah, who’s playing?” in it? It would be much appreciated…I’d like to add it to the next Stat Guide.

Talk to you later, fellow SPster…


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