June 23, 2001

Dear Mr. Ontiveros,

For the past twenty years I’ve been replaying the 1978 baseball season using a board game called Statis Pro (it’s similar to Strat-O-Matic and APBA). I’m getting close to the All-Star Game, and was hoping you could take a minute and help out with player voting by filling out the enclosed All-Star ballot…I’m trying to get as many players, managers, and coaches from the ’78 season to participate as possible.

If you’re curious, at this point in the season (July 2, 1978) you’re batting .328 as the starting third baseman for the Cubs. In fact, yours is one of the more recognizable names in my season; you were the first player injured, and because I played on average only two games a week, you achieved a kind of cult status with my friends who play the game by spending eight long years out of action!

Anyway, if  you’re able to help out, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve enclosed a SASE for your convenience…and don’t forget to pick three outfielders for each league!


Todd Benefiel


Report to the Commissioner

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