June 16, 1999

Hi Mr. Tidrow!

Enclosed is an All-Star ballot from the 1978 baseball season, which I’m replaying using a board game called Statis Pro…it’s something similar to APBA and Strat-O-Matic. I began replaying the season in 1980, and am currently on Game #957, on June 26, 1978. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve been playing this thing for 19 years, and I’m not even halfway through the season yet!

If you have a minute, grab a pen and circle your picks for my All-Star Game; I’m trying to get as many players from 1978 as I can to fill one of these out. So far, I’m up to three players and two managers. It doesn’t matter how you choose to pick: favorite players, former teammates, players who did well in ’78…however you want to do it.

And by the way, currently the Yankees are in first place, three games ahead of the Brewers; you’re the #3 starter for New York, and your record stands at 2-2, with one complete game and a 2.92 ERA.

Thanks for helping me out, and any suggestions on how I should pitch you would be greatly appreciated!

Todd Benefiel
Escondido, California

(The following was a handwritten note added to this letter by the husband of a nurse friend at work, who was friends with Dick Tidrow, and was supposed to forward this letter and a ballot to Dick, but instead made the decision to speak to him on the phone to get his All-Star picks)

Dick – Great catching up with you. Also thanks for your choices for Todd’s All-Star ballot. As we agreed, I will forward the ballot to Todd and forward this letter and a copy of the ballot to you. If possible, please drop Todd a note and autograph on a player card or anything you feel appropriate (even this letter will do). A stamped self-addressed envelope is enclosed. Again, thanks and I’ll follow-up with your idea. Best wishes to you and the family – Phil

Chat with the SP78 Commissioner

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