From: Steve P
To: Todd B
Date: 6/11/13  2:21 pm
Subject: How Global Warming Affects the Cornfield

In 2013, the longest streak without ‘planting’ in the MLB cornfield (all playing years, not just 1978) has been 12 days. Until now. It’s currently been 21 days since Cot Deal did his Gill-man imitation in Oklahoma City. Quite morbid, I know, but one theory I have is that the person keeping the list is on a summer vacation.


From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 6/11/13  5:45 pm
Subject: What’s the Deal, Cot?


I’ve been taking a look at the ‘check-out’ line for the past week now, and noticed that Cot Deal deal, too. Now I’m just getting antsy for someone—ANYone—to go. The minute this guy gets back from his vacation, I bet he’s going to wonder when baseball went to war when he sees all the casualties piled up on his ‘to-do’ list…


Report to the Commissioner

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