1) 10/26/96 at 2:55 pm – Reds at Cardinals
2) 11/18/96 at 12:00 pm – Phillies at Reds
3) 11/18/96 at 7:46 pm – Cardinals at Padres
4) 12/10/96 at 3;15 pm – Reds at Padres
5) 12/11/96 at 10:11 am – Cardinals at Mets
6) 1/8/97 at 9:17 pm – Cubs at Padres
7) 4/22/97 at 8:35 pm – Phillies at Dodgers
8) 5/10/97 at 9:30 pm – Expos at Reds
9) I also have a 12-game linescore summary page of games played November 5-6, 1996

Hey! I’ll be up late tonight, so call me if you need more info. SP78 Headquarters is always eager to help fellow gamesters solve their baseball-related troubles. In the meantime, I think I’ll play the June 18th Texas-Toronto game. Thanks again for the cool albums…I think ‘Paradise Theater’ will  be my album of choice for the game.


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