To: Steve P
From: Todd B
Date: 5/7/08  9:33 pm
Subject: S.O.D. 20th Anniversary


Just thought you’d like to know…I celebrated the 20th Anniversary of ‘Steve Ontiveros Day’ tonight with a game between the White Sox and Brewers at County Stadium. Gorman Thomas had three doubles, an HR, and three RBI, and Jerry Augustine pitched six strong innings for the win, as Milwaukee beat Chicago 6-4. Twenty years ago, you and Scott were in attendance in San Bernardino as the Cubs topped the Dodgers 5-2, with Steve Ontiveros going 2-for-4 with three RBI.

Attached is a photo of tonight’s game. There exists no photographic history of the 5/7/88 game…


SP78 #1191 - 5-7-08

To: Todd B
From: Steve P
Date: 5/7/08 10:05 pm
Subject: Re: S.O.D. 20th Anniversary

Perhaps no photographic evidence exists, but I got this fancy cup commemorating the big day for the man they simply called “Horse”. I miss the late ’80s man!

Steve was once the lead singer for a Tony Orlando & Dawn cover band known as “Steve-O and Sunrise” and performed a mean impression of the “love child” of Lionel Richie and Davey Lopes.

Kentucky Derby 1988 glassSteve Ontiveros card

2 responses to “

  1. Ha! I remember that – 5/7/88 was the day Winning Colors won the Derby!
    And I remember the e-mail because it was only 5 years ago and I’m not that old.

    • And I remember this comment you just made because I haven’t gone to sleep yet! Another five years until the 30th Anniversary of ‘Steve Ontiveros Day’…where will you, Scott, and I be when that anniversary SP78 game is played?

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