From: Todd B
To: Steve N, Scott B
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012  10:00 am
Subject: Today’s Amazing SP78 Stat!


Someone on-line created an HR chart for Statis Pro, that allows deep fly-0uts to become HR’s depending on the ballpark you’re playing in, taking into account power hitter or normal hitter, vs lefty or righty pitcher, height of outfield wall, and distance from home plate to wall (and I think domed stadiums have an effect, too). This is then determined by checking numbers on the Fast Action cards.

So I thought that this might be a good chart for me to use, starting with my August 1, 1978 games…I was getting the feeling that my Statis Pro players weren’t hitting the number of home runs that they should have been. But first, I wanted to find out for sure if I really needed to use this chart, to boost my HR numbers a little. So I found the total number of actual HR’s hit in baseball in 1978, then cut that in half. Then I took the number of HR’s hit in my SP78 season up to July 4th, which is considered in baseball to be the halfway point of a season.

And my totals? Home runs hit for ‘half’ of the actual 1978 season: 1,478. Home runs hit for ‘half’ of the SP78 season: 1,477.

I don’t think I need to use the HR chart.


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