APR-13-97  SUN  8:32 PM  P.01

To: The Jolly World of TWISOC
From: The SP78 Planet
IE: A’s – O’s from Memorial Stadium

Hey Fan!

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the latest Statis Pro final from June 18th, 1978. The Orioles starting four had started every game this season but five, and Nelson Briles started all of those, so I figured it was time to give ’em a rest. Joe Kerrigan, he of the PB 2-5 and the 8.60 ERA, got the start, and pitched the game of his life. Mike Anderson, a rarely-used, no-hit outfielder, got a start for the first time all year before his shipment to the minors tomorrow (to make room for Al Bumbry, an outfielder with Rochester who finally gives the Orioles some speed in the lineup).

The A’s, believe it or not, are only 6 (now 6½) games out of first in the wacky AL West, and closing in on the Twins and Rangers.

Well, I’m off to do some stats, then it’s popcorn, Coke, and the AMC widescreen presentation of ‘Peyton Place’. I might play another game after; if I do, I’ll send the game sheet for your perusal tomorrow! Oh yeah…Jube and I went to the tearful farewell of the little Vons near our house. For some reason, we’re really kinda bummed. I guess because it was the last old-RB place still around. Oh well.

Call me if you have a day off this week…we’ll play some Old Time BB on my computer.

Why didn’t I just call you?


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