April 13, 2001

Dear Mr. Benefiel,

Enclosed  find three All-Star ballots for the SP78 All-Star Game, to be played in San Diego on July 11, 1978. With balloting ending July 2nd, and with the impending release of the new Stat Guide, these will be the final ballots you will receive before results are tabulated, and NL-AL rosters are announced. Take a moment to help decide who’ll start in the SP78 midsummer classic; return your picks in the SASE provided.

I would also like to thank you for your involvement in the balloting process over the last  13 years, and I  hope to see you at the SP78 All-Star Game, which is scheduled to be played during the summer of 2002.

Also enclosed is the most recent edition of TWISP Notes, and a list of up-to-date ballot totals to assist you in choosing your nominees for the starting All-Star rosters.

Again, thank you for your support!

Todd Benefiel
SP78 Founder and President

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