Subject: Sparks Fly Over Sparky’s Post-Game Comments
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000  9:49 pm
From: Steve N
To: Todd B

Cincinnati — In the wake of a serious beating by the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, Cincinnati Reds manager and notorious curmudgeon Sparky Anderson dropped a post-game bombshell when asked how he felt about his team’s lackluster performance in the marathon doubleheader.

After losing to the Dodgers by a single run in the afternoon game of yesterday’s doubleheader, the situation went from bad to worse for Anderson’s Reds in the evening contest, made all the more humiliating by the superb—if rare—starting pitching by usual bullpen asset Charlie Hough. Hough, who hadn’t started for Los Angeles since the previous season, threw a demoralizing no-hitter through eight innings that stymied the Reds lineup.

In the tunnel after the 8-1 loss, an obviously fuming Anderson was asked his opinion of his team’s performance against Hough. “I’m so flat-out [expletive] perplexed I could puke,” he replied. Anderson’s colorful reply generated immediate controversy when his comments were made public. While no one from the Reds organization was immediately available for comment on Sparky’s tirade, SP78 commissioner Todd Benefiel wasn’t quite so reticent.

“I find it disconcerting that a veteran of [Sparky] Anderson’s calibre and the leader of his team would make such a careless and unnecessary characterization. It hurts his team and his city, not to mention Statis Pro as an institution. Needless to say, we’re looking into the matter with due diligence.”

When asked if possible disciplinary measures were being considered, Benefiel replied, “Of course we must look at this situation from the point of view of what is good for the game, so I won’t rule anything out at this juncture. We will have to meet with him [Sparky Anderson] before any further action is determined.”

The Reds and Dodgers continue their series tonight at Riverfront Stadium.

by Steve N, SP78 guest columnist

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