From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Sent: 1/24/04
Subject: SP78 Poser


Here’s another one of those frustrating save questions, from today’s playing of Game #1129: pitcher Dave Geisel, called up to the Cubs a while back from Wichita, enters a Cubs-Mets game in the 7th inning, with Chicago leading 8-2. He pitches the final three innings, which according to the rules is good for a save — if he pitches, of course, effectively. So, in those three innings, he gave up a infield single in the seventh, had a perfect eighth, then in the ninth, with two outs, he gave up another infield single, then an HR to Lee Mazzilli before getting the third out.

Now, in your 1978 opinion, would this be considered an effective outing? I’m thinking yes, but I will defer to your imperious judgement in this instance. That is, if you choose to offer judgement  in this instance…


Todd Benefiel
SP78 Department of Statistics, Peoria, AZ

From: Steve P
To: Todd B
Sent: 1/24/04 4:45:52 pm
Subject: Re: SP78 Poser

Give the man a save, I mean, it’s not like he’s going to the Hall of Statis Pro Fame!

Just my opinion…

SOC Creator and Destroyer, San Marcos, CA

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