From: Todd B
To: Steve P
Date: 1/13/04  8:40 pm
Subject: AL Standings – July 8, 1978


The subject title pretty much says it all, but in case it got smeared during transit…attached is the latest AL standings, for July 8, 1978. I’ll throw in the NL standings, too, just to balance it out.

I got kind of a lead at Thunderbird…apparently someone in SPD is going to call me for an interview. I’ll believe it when it actually happens, of course. But it’s promising, anyway. I went around to five other hospitals today, but found nothing I could put an application in for.

I’m just sitting here listening to the Coyotes game and working on the computer…any updates from SOC? You realize, of course, that 16 SP78 games from now, I’ll be at the point where I said I’d be back in July, 1993…remember? I said that someday I’d catch up to you…at the time you were two games past your All-Star Game. Well, my saucy friend, I’m about to catch up to you..461 games later!

OK, enjoy the standings.


8 responses to “

  1. Is Steve P finished with his season? I would think he could be close to it, considering 20 years ago he was at the all-star game.

    • Steve’s season went on a long hiatus shortly after his All-Star Game, and it has yet to be completed. Every couple years or so I try to get him to re-start it, but to no avail. I’ve even tried offering him money and free tickets to SP78 games, but apparently he doesn’t respond well to bribery.

  2. Oh, and what is this SOC you keep referring to? If you don’t mind my asking.

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