SP78 Game #255 Scoresheet – “Halicki’s Near-Perfection” – 4/18/88

By far the most tension-filled and gut-wrenching SP78 game I’ve ever played: San Francisco Giants pitcher Ed Halicki’s attempt at a near-perfect game, where he retired 26 consecutive Pittsburgh batters before pinch-hitter John Milner lifted a base hit over shortstop Roger Metzger’s desperate grab with two out in the ninth, breaking up the no-hit bid. The game was played at the kitchen table of site SNB in San Bernardino, California, and remains one of the most memorable games from my SP78 season.

Of course, if I’d really wanted Halicki to achieve perfection, I just would’ve allowed Bucs pitcher John Candelaria to bat, where he would’ve grounded out to end the game. But I had to follow logical baseball thinking, which dictated I pinch-hit for him in this situation. Thus Milner, a left-hander, came to bat against the right-handed Halicki, where the Fast-Action card draw of 87 – normally an out – allowed for a base hit in a LH-vs-RH situation.

And in a bit of baseball realism, the nerve-wracked Halicki then balked Milner to second before getting the next batter, Omar Moreno, to line out to Metzger to end the game.

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