‘Miscellaneous Stats’ Added

In case you haven’t stumbled upon it yet, a few weeks back I added a new dropdown category under the Statistics heading, titled ‘Miscellaneous Stats’, that features various detailed – and sometimes odd – stats for players, teams, and particular game situations. I just now completed the totals for Deep Fly-Outs, and will begin work on the Home Runs category next, which includes several sub-categories that are all still in the construction phase.

I’ll be adding more categories, including hitting streaks and team winning and losing streaks, over the next several months. If you can think of a category I’ve missed, or would like to see added, let me know in the comments below. And please, if you have any ideas, make sure they’re something I can track, and are within reason; don’t bother requesting ‘Number of Times Extra-Inning Games Were Stopped for Bathroom Breaks’, because no statistics have ever been kept.

4 responses to “‘Miscellaneous Stats’ Added

  1. Oh my, I think you are the Excel King. It’s going to take some time to go through this. Maybe one Misc. Stat a night. But interesting stuff. 3 hour and 20 minutes game, that’s two movies on TCM.

    • I am the Excel King who did not use Excel…or perhaps the WordPress Table King would be a more appropriate moniker. And yes, take your time checking them out…make the enjoyment value last as long as possible.

      And that three hour game resulted in quite the long night; the original game we were going to play was rained out, so we played that one…and didn’t finish ’til past midnight!

    • Good luck getting him on the Excel bandwagon. Many have struggled and failed Drac… but we press on. ;o

      • I’ll have you know that I AM using Excel right now, to get all the players’ statistics ready for me to check at any time, for any stat, for my league leaders columns! Of course, I’m still working on it, but hopefully I’ll have it ready by September, 1978!

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