The Forster Anomoly

After I’d recently posted a recap for a game where LA closer Terry Forster had pitched seven long innings, and was allowed to bat late in the game in a critical situation, a discussion began among SP78 fans on whether or not it was a smart managerial move to allow even a good-hitting pitcher to bat under those conditions. Or if it’s reasonable to have a pitcher pinch-hit instead of a regular bench player, especially when that pitcher holds the highest all-time batting average for any player with 50 or more at-bats, or 15 seasons in the major leagues.

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to let Forster pinch-hit in the next Dodgers game—if a situation logically allows for it—and see what happens…is he really as good a hitter as people think he is? Will it finally prove that my brother, who managed that long-ago game and allowed Forster to hit, was right all along? Tell me what you think by voting below; results will not be final until the first FAC card of the next Dodgers game is turned, which could be anytime between next week and next September.


6 responses to “The Forster Anomoly

  1. We need more SP78 fans to vote. No voting twice and an ID is required!

    • One of those safeguards has already been put into effect: according to WordPress, a person (and their e-mail) can only vote once. As for ID, all I need to see is that you’re a fan of of this site and/or Statis Pro Baseball.

  2. When do the polls close?

    • When I was creating the poll itself, I was given options ranging from one day to one week, which is a very limited set of options in my opinion. But previous polls I’d posted seemed to last several weeks, so who knows. But from a voting cutoff standpoint, polling ends the moment I turn the first FAC card to the first Dodgers-Phillies game of the series.

  3. Six of the Dodgers’ last 9 games are against the Padres, so it’s likely that those games will still impact the pennant race. But the other three games are against the hapless Reds, so maybe that’s when Forster gets to shine . . . a late inning PH appearance in the cleanup spot, hopefully a SB attempt and then to stay in the game and pick up the save! Against the Reds, I know that you won’t be managing the Dodgers, so maybe I’ll get to play the Lasorda role unless Scott becomes manager via Zoom and starts Forster in place of Lopes!

    • Depending on how voting plays out, and how the game itself plays out, I’ll be shooting for the very next Dodgers game to send Forster to the plate; if that doesn’t pan out, then it’ll be one of the next three games of that same LA-PHA series. But who knows, if Forster proves himself to be a dependable and/or dangerous pinch-hitter, I may just continue to pinch-hit him, right into those final nine LA-SD games. And you’re idea of sending him on a steal attempt if he reaches base is a good one; I’ll have him do that as well.

      And Scott hasn’t managed since 1989, so if you do visit Arizona again soon, the Dodgers – and Forster – should be available for you to manage. I have quite a few stats to prepare before the August 24th slate of games gets underway, so there’s plenty of time.

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