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aStatistor, Baseball Robot
Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either once a year or whenever the mood strikes him.



Which teams in the NL and AL have had the longest winning and losing streaks so far this season?

Steve N.
Lemon Grove, CA


In the National League, the longest winning streak belongs to the Padres, with 11, while the Astros and Braves share the longest losing streak with 9. In the American League, the Mariners are still tops in the majors with their magic 16-game winning streak, while the other 1977 expansion team, the Blue Jays, claim the longest losing skid with 10.

Dear Scary  Monster,

My name is Michael, I’m six years old, and I live on South Main Street. I have two questions to ask you. The first one is, do you have gas powered wings so you can fly into space and attack astronauts? And the second one is, does Statis Pro Baseball allow for variations in FAC card results in relation to each team’s home field advantages and disadvantages, based on player card formulas and/or Out Chart results?

Michael S.
Findlay, OH

Dear Michael,

In answer to your second question, no, the game does not allow for variations in results based on specific home ballpark idiosyncrasies, such as field dimensions and outfield wall height, although there do exist fan-created charts for such advanced play. As for your first question, it is not only nonsensical, but disturbing. Therefore, it will not be answered, and will be deleted from Statistor’s database.

10 responses to “Ask Statistor

  1. You just had to get a Blue Jays downer in there didn’t you. Lol.

  2. The Statistor finally came out of the closet! Does Statistor take questions only from the San Diego and Toledo areas? Will he take a question from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia? And remember there is a RT Pizza in Ulaanbaatar.

    • I looked back and realized that Statistor had posted his column just once or twice a year, so if by ‘coming out of the closet’ you mean he’s finally made an appearance after a long time away, then you are correct. And Statistor will take questions from anywhere…except for Ulaanbaatar, which I did NOT remember had a Round Table. If Statistor’s circuits become overwhelmed with the work involved spelling the name of a city, he’ll reject that person’s question.

  3. Dear Statistor: How does your advanced 1960s-era artificial intelligence explain the Mariners’ 16-game winning streak?

    • Dear wcharrison355: Analysis complete. Insufficient data to resolve problem, but my programming is whole. My purpose remains. I am Statistor.

      • I think what Statistor is trying to say is, there is no explanation. Not one pitcher on the M’s staff has a PB rating higher than 2-6 (for you non-SP players, that’s about average), and when the streak started, their record was 11-12, and they’d just come off a 3-game losing streak. But somehow, someway, everything suddenly gelled, and they reeled off 15 consecutive wins against Detroit, Cleveland, and Toronto, and one more in the first game of a twinbill against Texas. And nothing close ever since.

  4. Dear Statistor: Do you know a guy named Skynet? Maybe you are cousins? Anyway, this a** has taken over baseball in 2020 by not allowing any human managers to make their own decisions. Keep the name “Matt Snell” in your memory banks and please stay 1978 pure and don’t be like him.

    • Correction: Blake Snell. Who is Matt Snell? This is what happens to humans when they age.

      • First off, Statistor seems to know ALL the major robots and dangerous computer systems: Skynet, HAL 9000, V’ger, Tobor, Colossus, Gort, ED-209, Commodore 64…the list apparently is endless. And when I first read ‘Matt Snell’, I thought, “Hey, what does a former Jets running back have to do with baseball?” Then I read your follow-up comment, and not being a current baseball fan, I had to look up Blake Snell…and only remembered him as the guy who didn’t want a pay cut during the pandemic.

        So now, I’ll also now remember him as somewhat of a dick…and don’t worry, SP78 will always stay ‘1978 pure’, no matter what!

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